Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thank You!

Wow - thanks so much for the great comments. Are you all trying to get with me too? Seriously, though, thanks. I feel so lucky to have found you! I'm still nervous, and I know that will never go away, but at least I know I'm not alone.

I've got a couple random notes for tonight.

1) How can I get Bob from the Biggest Loser to come be my trainer after the WT's arrive? I do have the dvd, and it's great, but I think having him there in the room with me would really help. Any ideas on how to make that happen?

1a) Could the weigh-in elimination portion of the Biggest Loser last ANY longer? Sweet mother!

2) Think good thoughts for Watson! She's scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday and Parker and Jackson will finally be here!

3) My lame ass bladder is not a fan of NaBloPoMo. Actually it's simply not a fan of anything that involves being away from the bathroom for more than 10 minutes.

3a) Gotta pee!


The Dunn Family said...

If you get Bob, send him to my house afterwards. And no, the weigh in couldn't have been any longer. Still love watching the transformations!

Fertilize Me said...

I hear ya .. my bladder isn't holding up well and I'm barely pregnant. ... and this gets worse???

Ms. Planner said...

OMG. Another Biggest Loser fan! That show is my weekly guilty pleasure. Cowboy and I were discussing last night which team Bob plays for. Not that it matters but the guy is almost too hot (and so nice) to be straight. Maybe they could start a post partum biggest loser. I would sign up for sure.