Saturday, August 23, 2008

We're Alive!

I am a sucky blogger of late. My Firef0x has been open for weeks with six trazillion of your wonderful blogs open, just waiting for a moment so that I can comment. I have deep thoughts and supportive things to say, but just not when I've got two hands to type. When I have two hands, it means I have no babies, which means for some reason that my brain turns to absolute mush. And now, look at me - writing my own blog, while yours sit woefully uncommented-upon (by me - I'm sure there are many more together people who have their lives in order).

Since my brain function is fleeting at best, let me get in a few thoughts before it clicks off for the evening:

1. Overall the babies are doing SO great. Matthew is becoming a freaking giant. By our bathroom scale he is about 14.5 pounds. Sarah is around 12. For 16 weeks, that's not so bad! We have our 4 month appointment a couple weeks late on 9/16, so it will be fun to see how tall they are and what their weights are exactly. It still amazes me that my breastmilk makes them grow like this!

2. Speaking of bf'ing, it's still going well. I got another mini case of mastitis, but luckily Matty was extra hungry and he helped clear things out. What a guy. My little sumo wrestler... We are pretty much sticking to an every 3 hour schedule during the days and I nearly always feed them tandem style. This has been a lifesaver!

3. Once feeding time is over, we have a little play time - usually one kid in a bouncy and the other at the "gym". We signed up for gymb0ree class, so we've been going for the last two Mondays. It's probably too early for this, but I swear, they LOVE it! And it gives me good ideas for ways to engage them at home. I've been doing an assload of "itsy bitsy spider" of late. Thank god these two aren't too choosy when it comes to singing. They think I'm good! Or at least funny. They are both giggling all the time and I swear it has to be the best noise I've ever heard. Sarah's is this high-pitched squeak of glee, and Matty's is a bit deeper, but his entire face lights up, including the sweetest little dimples. Sarah contains her smile to her mouth and her eyes, almost like she's trying to hide the fact that she's smiling. I don't know who she's hiding from, but it's also super cute.

4. After playtime is naptime. Could someone let my kids know that? They're not really interested. I guess they just want to hear me sing! But seriously. A lil nap here and there couldn't hurt, could it? Sarah is better at it, and occasionally hers last 2 or 3 hours, but Matty thinks naps are for girls. You'd think he'd be all cranky from the exhaustion, but he is the sweetest, most-smilingest little dude! I will keep trying to put them down after 2 hrs of wake time, a la We1ssbluth, but it's getting a bit disheartening.

5. If only he'd sleep at night! Well, he does sleep, but not for long stretches. He was doing 5-6 hrs, and even did one 7 hour stretch, but now those seem to be gone. We put them down around 7:30, then he's usually up by midnight, then at 3ish, and then again at 6:30. It's no wonder he's so much bigger than his sister, because while he's eating the night away, she's sleeping like a champ. She's pretty good for between 10 and 12 hours, thank GAWD! I don't know what I'd do if they were both up all night. Sometimes we have luck with a good nap within an hour of their 6:30 wake up, but not always. Not even often. Just often enough to make me believe that it can happen.

6. As of two nights ago, we're done swaddling, which is nice. It was getting to be a pain, and Matty kept busting out, so we tried him for a few nights without. He did great, and then we stopped with Sarah, too. She hadn't had any issues with the swaddle, but didn't notice the change.

7. We got a B0B today! I cannot wait to get out on the trail with it! It is a dream compared to the snap-n-go. I mean, I totally love the sng for convenience, but we've been trying to take some fitness walks and it's just not cutting it. The kiddos are a little small for the B0B, but we'll probably make them take a ride tomorrow anyway.

8. Speaking of tomorrow... I'm going to 0utside Lands! It's this big concert in SF featuring two of my favorite bands. I cannot wait! W is staying home with the nugs. It will be great for him to get an idea of how my days are, and even more than that, to just hang with the babies. Basically by the time he gets home it's pretty much time to start the bedtime routine. The poor guy.

9. We had the most wonderful visit from Parker and Jackson (and their parents, of course!). I couldn't believe how big and fun P&J are! And CUTE! Man, are they ever cute. I guess it was good timing to see them when we did, as it was the eve of Watson's boot camp. I'm not sure she'll make it out alive!

10. I'm sure there's much more to say, but my brain is starting to fizzle.

11. Oh wait, I know - WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK with all the diving? Why do they need to do so many dives? They have been doing it for days and days and days. It's absolute insanity. Also? How does that chick analyze the dives so quickly? I mean, I know she probably was a diver and all that, but one's eyes can only take in so much! So, I'm simultaneously annoyed and amazed every time the diving is on, which is ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

Ok, pardon the Olympic rant. Here are some photos...

At my mom's group, just chillin' on the couch. Not sure what Matthew's winking at.

My niece decided that Matty needed some friends for his nap. He actually did sleep pretty well that day, so maybe there's something to it! Note the paci off to the side. Neither baby has ANY interest in them. So devastating.

Posing in these cute outfits from my friend CA.

Tummy time! Although it doesn't last too long these days because they both prefer to roll over. They can both go front to back, and Matthew seems VERY close to going back to front!

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