Monday, October 29, 2007

Delusions, Whining and a Lesson

Ok, so our delusion has ended. W and I had seriously considered staying in our wee lil apartment even after the Wonder Twins arrive. It’s cheap, it’s in a great neighborhood, we’d be hip, city dwelling parents! It’s small, it’s a one-bedroom, it’s a third floor walk-up. We are idiots.

But we’ve seen the light. Many of our friends and family have responded with a kind, “Um yeah, DUH.” We’re meeting with our realtor-to-be tonight to look at some houses in the East Bay. Goodbye hip, city-dwelling status. Hello suburbia! I think in the long run it will be far better to have more space and a yard and all that. It’s just a matter of picking the right one in the right neighborhood, you know? Plus we are real estate geeks and home improvement fools. So much so that even in our rented apartment, we put in a new kitchen floor. Gotta keep those skilz sharp!

So, although I’m excited, I’m also a little wary of this house tour. I tend to get carsick even on the best of days, and we’re going to be riding in our realtor’s car in a very hilly, curvy-roaded neighborhood. I’m fucked. Evenings have been the worst time for me, as far as “morning” sickness is concerned. Unfortunately it’s been getting worse lately instead of better. Kinda frustrating. (But of course I’m not complaining! Just whining a little!) Last night we were at the Bridge School Benefit and I made us leave early - before Metallica. W is so nice. He tried to pretend he wasn’t upset! I tried to stay, but I was heaving and vomurping (thank you Leah!) and figured I want the time I puked all over myself at a 1990 Steve Miller show to stand alone. I don’t really need multiple concert-puking stories, do I?

Wish me luck tonight! For A) no puking and B) finding the perfect house!

I will definitely be getting to my 8 random things, I promise! This job is just crazy busy. It’s good, but I’m really missing the blogosphere! I have a post in my head about the stress of gaining weight with twins. Check back soon for more self-centered freaking out!

And now...your Lesson of the Day:

If you’re on your way to an open house, and you notice a donut shop, by all means, stop. Get two. It’s ok. Eat them. Voraciously. While driving. It’s ok, really! BUT…when you are about to go meet with the realtor and you ask your husband to check your shirt for crumbs, go ahead and have him check your crotch, too. Otherwise you might go through the ENTIRE house showing with a one-inch flake of glaze stuck to your business.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Graduation Day!

Yep, I'm released! I got a little gift bag with a pregnancy book and some massage oil (??). The babies (as you can see below) are gorgeous. In the picture, one has a slightly detached head, but I'm sure this is the week when it fuses to the rest of the body, right? And if not, I'm sure will come in handy in low-ceilinged rooms. Still...detached heads or no, cute, right?

Now it's OB time! I have an appt for mid November, which seems like a LONG time from now.

This weekend we're going to the SF Parents of Multiples consignment sale. I don't know if we'll actually buy anything, but it will be fun to kind of get in the spirit of things. Ok, now that I think about it, I'm gonna have to buy something.

I'm still really enjoying my job. The tequila party is now a bowling party, which is a good thing. Taking the emphasis off the booze will help a little. I don't need that to be my coming out party. I really don't know when to make that happen. If I don't start feeling better it's going to start being obvious. Plus, I had the first chance to use my new Bella Band today! I wore some pants that I could have buttoned, but feeling as ill as I have been, it just felt gross to do so. But with the BB, voila! So great. Other than feeling kind of permanently nauseated, I also get a slammin' headache every night right about 4 or 5. My boob soreness is pretty much gone, and the tiredness that washes over me around mid-afternoon is pretty easily fixed with the walk to BART and then home from where I get off. I do go to bed like a pioneer, though at 9 or so and HATE waking up. Usually I'm a morning person, so it feels kind of weird to be lying there so useless in the morning. But I'm sure this will pass, and even though it goes w/o saying, I am NOT complaining!!!

So that's about it from the House of the Wonder Twins! Happy Weekend to all!

Friday, October 12, 2007

You Just Never Know Who Else is in the Club

You’ll never guess what I overheard my new boss ordering over the phone…

PIO for his wife! Well, all I heard was, “I need to order more progesterone for my wife. She likes it in the peanut oil…” That was enough for me! And the fact that he said “more” I wonder if she’s pregnant now?

I am so tempted to talk to him about it, but then I might have to give up my supersecretstealth pg status. I guess that will have to happen very soon, anyway since I’m planning a company event at the local tequila bar. We’ll be doing margarita lessons. Break my heart, why don’t you? I may need to have a teeny sip.

Anyway, about the job…it’s going really well! I even got email from my boss saying that I’m doing a fabulous job. Woo hoo! I am super busy without being overworked, and never get to read blogs anymore. Makes me sad, but I guess in the long run, I’d rather be challenged at work than stalking the interwebs all day. And the weekend’s a’comin’ so I’ll be reading like a fiend to catch up.

As for pg-ness... I was feeling pretty gross for a while, and like Leah, reveling in every nasty bit of it. But on Wednesday, I stupidly went to my acupuncturist who had the unmitigated gall to fix me! Since I saw her I’ve had almost NO symptoms. I refuse to worry about it; instead I’ll chalk it up to her misguided intention to prevent me from wonder twin-induced misery. Silly silly girl.

We’re still out of our heads with glee(k! Get it?) over the WT’s. Every time one of us says, “when the babies come…” we look at each other and go, “Babies?!?!?” We go back and forth about moving. The main issue with our apartment is, well, aside from its relative teeniness, is that it’s a 3rd floor walk-up with no real storage on the ground floor for strollers/etc. My thought right now is to suck it up and stay there as long as we can stand it. Hauling my ass up and down the stairs will definitely help get rid of the baby weight, and we’ll be saving major money and be able to buy a nicer place in a year or so when the babies...BABIES!?! take up more space. If we were to buy, our monthly housing expense would pretty much double. Of course, in just a few months time, just getting myself up and down the stairs may prove to be too much, so we might end up just renting a bigger, lower place. I hate to give up my top floor-ness, though. It’s no penthouse, but it’s so nice having no one above us. Although on the other hand, if we were on the ground floor I wouldn’t feel so bad about playing DDR at night. Hmm… so much to consider!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Those Wonder Twins Sure Take Things Literally!

Yep. It's Two-Fer Friday! They have great looking heartbeats, measure 6w3d (I'm 6w5d) are unbelievably adorable.

More later after I eat and probably after I take the IL's wine tasting. W's drinking for 4 now, so he's got to get started!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

I. P. Freely, Finally!

You'll never guess who I got to go see today...


Um yeah, so I got word that the sample I worked so hard to produce was too diluted so I to do another. On the upside it was a good excuse to dump the IL's at the base of the GG Bridge so they could walk across while I went back to the lab to pee. So ridiculous. But this time I went for the big cup straight away and it was a triumphant success.

14 hrs, 30 minutes til the u/s!!!!!!! Please oh please let it be good news!