Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Zan and Jayna it is!

Or as W put it, “Now we get to buy ALL the toys!”

Our ultrasound this morning was seriously the bomb-diggity. The tech cut right to the chase and pointed her wand at each kid’s goods. The first was clearly a girl (to her) and then just like that she spotted our little man’s little man! That I could see. As she put it, he’s a proud little boy.

Then she went on to examine all their other bits and parts and we were so relieved to hear that everything is looking good. They each weigh about 6 oz and she said their really close in size. I don't know how much it matters, but it’s good to know I guess!

Other than giddy and in general disbelief at my good fortune, I’ve been feeling pretty ok these days. Occasionally unwieldy, like when I stand up I have to work a little extra to bring along the bowling ball that my stomach feels like. I know this is only going to get worse; maybe my next post will reference a giant medicine ball.

We’re all settled in to our place with just a few (hundred) more boxes to unpack. We like it even more than I thought we might! I was kind of just ready to enjoy the amenities and the location, but actually once all the previous tenants shit was gone it turns out to be a pretty cute little joint. Still plenty of brass framed mirrors, lest you be concerned that they were a mere figment of my imagination! But the fresh paint and new carpets definitely make it a whole new place.

And the best part is that about 3 years after purchasing it, I finally got to put this little stained glass turtle lamp in my babies’ room! I say “this” like I have a picture, but as I’m blogging at work, I will have to post the picture later. It’s sitting on the changing table that my stepsister passed on to us, along with two beautiful cribs. It’s weird having them so soon, but she was ready to turn her nursery into an office, so it was kind of now or never. Her twins (almost 4) slept in the cribs for the last night to “say goodbye”! They are SO excited about the new twins. They're giving up their pacifiers for their 4th birthday and are planning to come over for a ceremony where they give them to our babies. So cute! It was their idea! And frankly, isn’t 4 a bit old? I’m thinkin’ anything I can do to get them over the bink is a good thing.

What kind of post would it be without some mention of one of my family members grabbing me inappropriately? But this one’s not so bad. Stay with me. Brendan, one of the aforementioned twins asked me if he could touch my twins. I said sure, warning him that he won’t feel them move or anything. He was ok with that, so I said go ahead. So he reaches his hands out and grabs onto each of my boobs like he’s in Porky’s 8 or something. It was hilarious. His 5 yr old sister’s like, “Not there dummy!” Or maybe that’s what he meant by “twins” who knows…

And now…

pictures of the nuggets. Jayna.

and Zan's a super short video - hopefully it will work.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, I guess the issue of am I showing or not has been settled. Last night on the BART train an old man offered me his seat!! I didn’t take it since we were almost to my stop, but I have to say it felt pretty good. I definitely have popped out a bit over the last day or two after measuring at a mere 20 weeks at my OB appointment on Wednesday. (I’m 16w5d today.)

Speaking of that appointment, is it normal to have him just check the heartbeats, weigh me, check my blood pressure and that’s IT? I felt a little gypped. I mean, I didn’t even get to take my drawers off! What kind of doctor’s appointment is that?

I do have an ultrasound scheduled at the peri’s office next Wednesday, so that’s exciting. I’m really hoping to find out what flavor they are. I don’t care, of course, but I am SO curious! Plus I can’t get enough of just watching them bounce around in there. We had a friend suggest that if we can’t obviously see the gender, to have the tech write it down on a piece of paper and then go out to dinner that night and open it then in a less clinical environment. I kind of love that idea, so I’m hoping it will work out that way.

Or maybe we’ll open it in our new living room by the fire! We move in tomorrow and I’m so psyched. I hope I don’t actually hate the place upon seeing it again. I know the kitchen is circa Three’s Company and that those brassy, mirrored closet doors will still abound, but I’m hoping that once we get our beautiful crapola in there it will look more like home. I’m thinking about hanging fabric on the walls, either just tacking it up, using a strip of wood across the top or by doing the starch method. Anyone have any experience with either method? We can’t paint, but I need to have some color in there somehow.

Ok, so there have been a couple requests for clarification about just what I meant by my stepsister sticking her fingers up my business. What I meant was, she took her fingers and jammed them up my lady parts. She got to 3rd base. I don’t know if she was pretending to BE a doctor or pretending to PLAY doctor, but either way the forcefield was broken. She was all up inside my grill. Hope that helps clear things up! Next year I’ll be sure to wear a cup.

Happy weekend!

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Yuletide List Like No Other

Things you shouldn’t have to endure during a holiday party, but since it was a FAMILY holiday party you should have known you were in for:

1.) Having to drink the same thing as the 4 year olds – a Shirley temple.

2.) Watching your mom constantly pester your husband about her ever changing music volume needs. (Were we really the only people at the party with an iPod? Or are we just the only ones nice enough to agree to be in charge of the music?)

3.) Being the only sober one among 35 drunken adults and 15 sugar-crazed children.

4.) Seeing your mom sit on your husband’s lap. Just because he’s dressed as Santa don’t make it right.

5.) Having your (usually lovely and appropriate) stepsister, in an effort to explain why she thinks you’re having boys, jam her fingers WAY up your business several times to describe just where she thinks girls are carried.

6.) Only having the tray of rock shrimp corn fritters come by twice

7.) Being told in one 5-minute conversation that a) you’ll never wear those (hot!) shoes again b) your pregnancy is all downhill from here and c) your life is over.

8.) Having to pretend that the fact that as children grow, their clothes take up more space is news to you.

9.) Being told first that you look pregnant and second that you don’t look at all pregnant, and being irrationally upset by both comments.

In other news, I think I felt some baby movement on Saturday! W and I were out shopping and on the way home I collapsed onto the BART seat and felt the sort of popping fluttery feeling that I've read about. Nothing since then, but I think it was just one of them standing up and applauding for finally getting a rest after about 4 straight hours of shopping.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007