Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Someone else's home, I guess

Well, my stepdad thought it was definitely a sound investment, but we found out today that someone made an offer already. We're not at all ready to get into a bidding war, so we decided to pass. Unfortunately for a lot of people, the market is only going to get worse, but it is good news for us. Now we don't know if we'll buy a condo in SF, rent a bigger apartment, or what.

I've been tagged for 8 random things by the newly un-busted Busted! I made the mistake of asking W to help me think them up. "ONLY EIGHT?" he says. Real nice, dude. I need to go beat him up, and I'll post those manana. Or, I was contemplating coming up with 100 tidbits about me for my upcoming 100th post (HOLY SHIT!) but it seems a) daunting and capital B) Boring.


Meghan said...

That is a bummer but you're right about the market, it's only going to get worse. Next place you find could be just as fantastic, but not need all those renovations. Good luck though, house hunting is such a PITA

Geohde said...

Sorry about the house, but it sounds like you made a good call,