Friday, November 30, 2007


It is serious sigh of relief time. I just got off the horn with Genevieve the Genetics Counselor with Genzyme (and I thought I had a thing with alliteration - she's three letters deep!). Good news - the WT's have the same chance of having DS as if I'd gotten knocked up at age 20! (That would have made them a whole different kind of WT - heh.) Anyhoo, there's a less than 1 in 10,000 chance of the other trisonomies, so W and I are both feeling good about moving past this genetics business, and skipping the amnio. PHEW!

Plus, I have to just say, my hair looks and feels fucking fantastic. The color is exactly my natural color (if it was pretty) with some golden highlights, and it's a pretty blunt bob to about 2 inches below my ears, which means she cut a good 5-6 inches off. We'll see how it stands up to my usual styling method: gently massage head with towel and...yeah, that's it. I'll see if I can get a good enough picture to post. I mean the hair looks good, but I can't do much with the rest.

And my 3rd ahhhh moment for today is the date. November 30. 30th November. Last day of November. No more days in November for this year. December is tomorrow. And I will not post. NaBloPoMo is a nice idea and all, but I liked when blogging was fun, or at least therapeutic. This made it sort of a chore. And probably not too inspiring to the reader. I'm no Alexa. She was made for this sort of thing. Me? Not so much. From now on I'll try to just post when I've got something to say.

And let's give an ahhh-out to plain ole Friday. After last week's luxurious two-day workweek, pulling this whole 5-day shit was rough! But it's nearly over now. And I'm going to meet my friend who's in town for just the weekend at our other friends restaurant, which hopefully means free food! Yay for potentially free food! Then we've got a meat-themed surprise birthday party for another friend tomorrow, and at some point I think I'll try to fit in some packing. W is going away for business all next week, which I assume is his way of getting out of packing. Luckily I've got some wine and can bribe my mom with it to help me out.

Happy Weekend!


Fertilize Me said...

Grats on the great genetic news and the wonderful haircut! W- that slacker ;) Have fun bribing your mohter to help pack. And i hear ya on that Alexa blogtastic chic!

Geohde said...

Very glad to hear the WT's have checked out sans trisomy.

Congrats on the great hair day,



Ms. Planner said...

Terrific news on the genetic results - whew!

And having your new 'do must feel glorious.


Baby Step said...

Go Wonder Twins!!!