Sunday, November 4, 2007

Proof that I need your help

There's nothing like a little spotting scare and subsequent happy resolution to make an otherwise ordinary weekend seem downright glorious! There's been no return of the evil pink
and this has to be some of the best November weather ever. We spent the day in GG Park, laying about on a blanket, eating lots of tasty food, and watching others toss frisbees and nerf footballs. We also got to watch my pooch destroy some fellow picnickers Nerf, but handily I had brought the EXACT same one along so I easily replaced the one that Bella turned into a snack.

After our picnic we met up with a friend from the East Coast who stopped over to visit on his way to a business trip in LA. We went out to a kick-ass dinner here. It's a former KFC, hence the name. My fancy steak stroganoff with gnocchi was so fucking amazing. And the brownie a la mode that followed was everything a person could ever want. Ever.

Despite the over-eating of the night before, I woke up STARVING and off we went to our favorite breakfast place. I had a scramble with bacon, avocado and spinach w/ homefries and fruit, plus a biscuit with gravy and a pancake. Mmm mmm good.

Ok, so unless you want to just read about my culinary exploits over the next month, please - tell me. What have you always wanted to know about me? Or San Francisco? Or Bella?


Carrie said...

Hey, how will preggers cope with you expecting twins?

I just caught up with your story. I'm so glad things have settled down. Must have been quite a scare.

Fertilize Me said...

woohoo for no pink. We got a taste of that fall weather this weekend. I asked my hubby where we could move to have this type of weather ALL year long. i have heard of Spork on the food channel. SOUNDS YUmmmmmmie. Being recently in that "p word" state. ALL I WANT TO DO IS EAT .. eggs, bacon, potatoes, steak, breads - things that normally disgust me. SO share all your foods ..for me ;)

Meghan said...

SOOO glad the spotting has gone away. That is a reason to have a great weekend.

I'm a total foodie and Mr H has also wanted to start a food blog, so you can keep on blogging about your meals....I love it!

But for questions...hmmmm...tell us all about Bella, what kind of dog, how old, how long have you had her, what's her personality, does she sneak onto the couch when no ones looking?? ummm....can't think of any more doggie questions, sorry!

Courtney said...

So glad to hear that the spotting has subsided. Stay away pink stuff!

So tell us, what has you living in San Fran????

Lori said...

Well, thanks a freaking lot. I had totally lost any desire to be pregnant, until you started talking about all that food. Food I could eat without remorse!!

Ummmmm...culinary expoits, please.

And so happy for the no pink.

Ms. Planner said...

No matter how much I eat the night before, I wake up at 4 AM starving and thirsty EVERY MORNING. I've started keeping food on my nightstand and wonder how long it will take Gus to discover the graham cracker stash.

We want Bella! Photos, stories, etc.

And I think it is very nice of you to host a shower for preggers. Good karma for sure.