Monday, May 7, 2007

Thanks for the Tags!

Now I've been tagged by two fellow bloggers and I have to say it feels so nice! Thanks Ms. Planner and Sticky Bun! I'm so glad my IF-defense humor is working for ya! I've been a complete and utter bloghound since I started my own and there are SO many out there that I love checking in on (way more than are my list). If you haven't already, please check out these ladies. They got it goin' on!

Alexa is my idol. Her style of writing is so informal, yet perfectly hilarious, and still touching. And she makes me want to plan my wedding all over again. I certainly never thought that was possible!

Watson you little rock star, you! Watson has helped me on so many levels. First and foremost her injection videos are fab. Informative, funny and so useful! And having had success squared on her first IVF gives me hope that the same thing can happen for me (maybe minus the squared part - not sure if I'm ready for that). Thanks Watson!

This is my no-duh tag. Mel is THE go-to source for just about everything IF-related. She's got the site organized so nicely. When your online time needs to be a bit more focused than normal, the emoblopedia makes it easy to drill down into the exact topic you're looking for. And when you want to get away from the screen and do some book learnin' you can sign up for the book tour.

Lady In Waiting is always a good read and lately she's had some posts that so poignantly show the roller coaster of emotions that we go through. The low, low lows, the super highs and everything in between. She's making the big decision to start Clomid and I know she could use your support!

Serenity had this great post about the things she didn't know about herself before she started her IF journey. I know we all hate the assvice about how we wouldn't have this problem if (insert preferred higher power here) didn't think you could handle it, or that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, blah di blah blah. BUT, Serenity really made me think about how much I'm learning about myself and how strong I am. Sure I wish things were easier, but having this insight about myself might come in handy down the road. Thanks Serenity!

Here's the lowdown on the Thinking Blogger if you're not familiar.

And here's a little update on me...

My baseline went fine and I've been shooting up since Friday night. I think I missed my calling as a heroin addict, because it's almost too easy! So far I haven't had any side effects, except one that is my own fault. For the first two nights I somehow used the wrong needle for the Repronex - three times too long, wrong! On night 2, I gave myself the shot a little too low, and definitely too long and hit some blood and now have a giant bruise there. No biggie relative to all the horror stories out there, and of course, totally my own fault! Duh.

I've called in sick today because I really need a day away from my job. I've only been there four months, but it seems like I've made a mistake. I have to make some big decisions and it seems so hard while I'm actually there at my desk. I'm off (ooh shit, I'm kind of late!) to my first check up u/s and bloodwork. Can't wait to see how things are going in there!

I'll update later with all the deets.


My ultrasound went ok...not great. My right ovary isn't responding at all (and only had 2 antrals, anyway) and in my left there are six follies measuring 9,11,11,12,13, and 15. I start my antagon tonight (ganirelix) and my RE thinks trigger Sat, retrieval on Monday. Crazy!


Alexa said...

Oh, you are so sweet. Thanks for the nomination! I will be checking back for details of the first u/s and b/w. Good luck.
And by the way--trust me, you DO NOT want to plan your wedding again...

Sticky Bun said...

Oh, mental health holidays from work are so great! Good luck with the rest of the stims and gearing up for the retrieval...sounds like you're left ovary is really kicking it into high gear for you!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Glad you have a mental health day!
I hope the the right ovary joins the party--but if not, the leftie is holding down the fort!
Best of luck!!

Ms. Planner said...

Good luck Erin. I am so excited for you and hope all goes well. Your posts make the prospect of IVF a lot less daunting.

Warmly, Ms. Planner

Carrie said...

I can't believe you're at this stage already. I dare say it hasn't flown by as quickly for you.
I really hope that it all goes smoothly and the left ovary does the business for you!

Bumble said...

Those follies sound good Erin, all nice and close in size too! How exciting!! And don't worry about the right side, you never know what could happen by pickup time. Good Luck!!!!!

Stacie said...

Good luck! Sending positive retrieval vibes your way!


The Town Criers said...

Woohoo, I came here with your drink and I find out that I've made you think :-) Thank you. Here is your margarita.

I hope Leftette starts yelling some encouragement over to Righta. How lazy is lazy? Sending so many good thoughts for big follicles.