Friday, June 1, 2007

I had to get those tracker things off. They just weren't working with the black background. But please check out my running and walking logs to the right. (Or at least let me think you're checking them.)

I ran 2 miles today after work and it felt so great. Thanks to Sticky Bun for giving some structure to this fitness effort! Join us in the challenge!


Sticky Bun said...

That's awesome! I tried to get on the treadmill this weekend and I swear it nearly killed me. I'm so nowhere near even 2 miles!

And, I tried to find an appropriate ticker/calendar, too, and couldn't. I like the one you have on the nav bar--it works well!

Carrie said...

This much running is insane! I'm going to join you too. 14 days till down regs so I'll see how I go.
Also I'm speed(ish) walking with my dogs(can't run, the collie herds me up) most days with two additional sessions (swimming or gym. Does that cut the mustard?

Glad you are managing to motivate yourself. It can't be easy. x

Regina said...

Great job! I LOVE my treadmill. Just get on it before some long line of crappy re-runs and walk away my worries. Yeah right. At least I'm moving.

Take care