Monday, June 2, 2008


Why are they crying? Because they gave me mastitis. Lil punks.

I was definitely feeling some pain, but just thought it was a new and improved sort of breastfeeding woe and didn't give it much thought. Then yesterday W and I took the runts for a nice walk on our local bike path. It shouldn't have been any more taxing than any of the other walks I've taken lately, but when we got home I was JUNK. So freaking exhausted and never really came around all day. I had some chills, a headache...the works. Then I got to internetin' and discovered that I was a prime candidate for mastitis. The hot showers help, but I can barely find time for a shower these days, so I need to figure some other remedies out. Warm compresses are supposedly good, too, but I've never been able to figure out how to keep a compress warm. Am I an idiot?

I went to my doctor today and he gave me some antibiotics, so I'm hoping it will be gone soon. Although I hear that the antibiotics can cause thrush. I'm wondering if I make sure to get some acidopholus then I can avoid it? I totally made that up in my head, though. Anyone?


Stacemoe said...

I am SOOOOO sorry!!!! I don't have any advice, but wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers.....thanks for the pic, the babies are PRECIOUS!!!!! and I know you know you are blessed...sore boobs and all!!!!! :) Seriously, though, praying for a quick recovery! Hang in there....

Geohde said...

Ouch. Mastitis hurts. Hopefully you don't get double whammied with the 't' word.


Amber said...

I had the thrush and mast. a the same time. No fun. Now that you have the meds you'll feel fine in no time. Empty them often...message the area in the hot shower. As for avoiding the thrush make sure to wipe off the nipple after feedings...keep them dry...change your pads often. Also, why not go an buy the meds for thrush now so you have it just in case? It's over the counter antifungal cream (like for athlete's foot).

If it's not own thing it's another huh?

Sticky Bun said...

ugh...I'm so sorry! I hope it clears up with no further problems!

It sounds like you're doing great, though. That you feel totally comfortable on your own with the kiddos is really impressive. Seriously. They're also precious--thanks for sharing the pics. :-)

seussgirl said...

Ouch! That stinks!
I'm pretty sure N and I had thrush, although it was pretty late after he finished his antibiotics, but there was pain, and there was bleeding.
For all the "natural-ness" of b/feeding, it sure is a pain, isn't it?
I hope you all get well!

Emmie (Better Make It A Double) said...

OK-has this twice with twins, so here goes:
1. Take the antibiotics -mastitis is nothing to mess around with, and they often help fairly quickly.
2. Try "dangle feeding" if your babes cooperate. Yes, it's just what it sounds like. Lean over a baby that's lying on a bed. Gravity is your friend, and sometimes this trick will allow things to clear.
3. Try self-massage, including if you just have that slightly plugged feeling.
4. It's perfectly OK to give acidopholus to babies, and a good idea if you're on AB.
5. You probably know this, but breastfeed often to keep things moving.
Good luck!

Baby Step said...

My acupuncturist has told me to take acidopholus (the live culture kind you find in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods or the like)any time I am on anti-biotics. I would check with your doc, but it is probably fine for the twins too. Sorry you are feeling so awful!

butterflyanla said...

Do you like yogurt? If you take strong antibiotics some times yogurt helps keep the good bacteria going.

Caba said...

Eek. First off, hats off to you for the breast feeding thing! I didn't even attempt it.

As for the acidopholous (sp??) definitely take it. I actually got thrush when I was pregnant, because I had to take antibiotics ... and that's exactly what my doc told me to take to try and combat the thrush. Plus, eat a lot of yogurt.

Feel better. But more importantly, DAMN those babes are cute!

Ms. Planner said...

Hi E -

So sorry I missed your posts about this - and the other inlaw stuff. I've been majorly MIA. Sorry.

I got one of those pillows that has rice and lavender or something in them that you heat in the microwave. I also pump a little bit right after a shower. Gives me a reason to take one - ha!

hope you can get some rest and pull off a quick recovery - summon the WT powers...

babies are adorable btw!

xoxo Ms. P