Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pretty, Pretty!

I wish I had a before, but all I've got is this after:

Yeah. That's my foot. YOWZA, right?

Last week it was my left foot that would get more swollen, now it's the right. I'm such an equal opportunity cankle-ist!

So, aside from hideous disfigurement, all's well in Wonder Twinville. My ob was very pleased with the lack of contractions (no meds needed since last week) and he said it wasn't even worth doing another ffn. Basically his argument was that even if it was positive they wouldn't do anything about it unless I started having more contractions again, so it could only serve to worry me. Since I worried even with the negative result, I figured I'd take his advice and skip the test this time 'round. I measured 36 weeks at the appt (I was 28w5d) and both babies hb's sounded great. After they brought in the giant cattle-weighing scale, I discovered I'm now up 42 mofo pounds. Holy crap. Although my right foot probably weighs a good 10 pounds all on its own.

Then we had an u/s on Monday. W wasn't able to be there, but my mom came - she was so excited. Neither baby would show their face, but she loved hearing the heartbeats, seeing all their parts and CONSTANTLY asking the tech, "Oh, now that's a cute little face, right?" To which the tech had to answer: "Um no, ma'am, that's his kidneys/femur/placenta" She wanted to see a face so badly! They checked my cervix and all that showed up on the screen was:

And there was much rejoicing. It's measuring over 4 cm. and is apparently suffering no ill effects from the repeated beatings its getting from my dainty little girl. She's moved around so she's sitting right on my cervix, with her head up in my right ribs. She weighs 2 lbs 15 oz and her brother has his head right next to hers, with his body kind of sideways off to my left. Hopefully she'll flip, because as Baby A, she's got to be head down for us to try a vag birth. My doctor is totally open to repositioning the lil man once she's out, especially since he's a bit smaller than her, at 2 lbs 12 oz. I was really happy to hear that.

My stepsisters gave me a shower on Sunday and it was so lovely. One of them lives in Stinson Beach and we had THE most incredible day. Here's a picture that gives you the feel of the afternoon.

And now, here's a picture that gives you the feel of my MIL's gift. Also incredible, but in a different way.

So if you're sitting there saying, NO, that couldn't possibly be a stained, homemade Cabbage P.atch doll, I'm sorry, but you're wrong! And if you're thinking, well, it was probably the only stained/used/otherwise vile stuffed animal or burp rag in the box, well - wrong again.

She really and truly sent her grandchildren-to-be a box of stained, nasty, smelly old stuffed animals and burp rags, NONE of which W remembers as being his as a child. That might have excused some part of this unfathomable idea. He thinks one belonged to his sister, but the rest are totally unfamiliar. And did I mention GROSS? They smell bad, they look bad and they are going in the dumpster. I have no clue what to write in a thank you note. She didn't include a note in her package, so I'm going to comb Google to see if that exempts me from my thank you note duties. What do I say? "Thanks for the rubbish"? "Glad I could help with your mold abatement program"?

So odd. I felt so bad for W, because she just HAD to send it to the shower where everyone else brought these beautifully wrapped new and pleasantly non-smelly gifts for the babies. Why expose everyone else to her madness. If she really thinks that it's nice to pass on these relics, then why not just send them to our house? The box, by the way was a good 2' x 2', so there are like 25+ sad little stuffed animals that are destined for the dump. Poor things. I'm sure they made some kid happy one day.

JESUS! I thought I was just going to post the cankle and a speedy quip about its nastiness! Guess I had a bit to say!


Meghan said...

Glad the Wonder twins are doing well. Hope grandma gets used to them being uncooperative ;)

TOO funny about the shower gifts. I could totally see my MIL doing that and not having any idea that it was inappropriate. Seriously, did she give anything else??

Meghan said...

ok, that last sentence made me sound a little bitchy and materalistic...I swear I'm not, that's just such a wierd gift!!

Fertilized said...

You are crackin me up. What a uhm ye truly Unique gift ..

whoa sorry for the cankles

tipsymarie said...

those burp rags/cabbage patch dolls are bizarre. i really don't know what to say about that.

Hey, don't be too hard on yourself . . . your toenails are painted!

Becks said...

Wow, it all sound good in Twinsville! Love the gift.....not!!

Courtney said...

So glad to hear that everything is moving along so nicely and that you had such a nice shower! If only sans mil presents...


Ms. Planner said...

What a strange gift to send to a shower. I totally vote for a thank you note that includes the line, "so happy I could help you with your mold abatement program..."


And take solace that you have a nice pedicure to go with your equal-opportunity cankles.

Baby Step said...

OMG that is hilarious. I am so sorry your MIL is so loopy, but seriously - won't you get a good laugh out about it for years to come?!?!

Geohde said...

Ah cankles! Something I have to look forward to, no doubt....



Carrie said...

Yikes on the ankle.
But the MIL thing.....I'm still laughing, isn't that just the weirdest thing to do!
Can't wait to hear what she gives them for their birthdays!!

Anonymous said...
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Watson said...

Oh Good Lord!

That box of 'presents' sounds worse than the towels you mentioned! (You did mention towels, right?) Otherwise I'm totally crazy!

But either way, what a BUMMER for you, W and the Wonder Twins.

Sorry about the cankles, I so feel your pain! But do watch for the itching, which struck me at 38 weeks and was a warning sign for the liver thing...it's most likely *just* water retention, which is no fun and very uncomfortable, but no big deal.

Just a good excuse to stay OFF those feet! Glad things have calmed down contraction-wise!!


Tara said...

Uh... Stains and smelliness aside - that thing is creepy!

Anonymous said...
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Leah said...

Hell-loooo? Anyone out there? What is new in WonderTwinLand? I'm getting fairly large, cranky and uncomfortable. I imagine you're really lumbering around now seeing as how you're sporting 2 kids! But it looks good on you, don't worry. :-)

hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

Glad to hear things are going well! I was laughing out loud about the cabbage patch doll- very funny!