Thursday, July 5, 2007

How do I love W?

Let me count the million trajillion ways. But first I'll tell you about just one of them. He's home on his first day off in over a month, weekends included, and he just im'd me to see if I need anything from the fridge because he's planning to clean it out. Fucking all-star, I tell you!

I'm at work and sick, sick, sick as a dog which sucks. Somehow having a cold in the winter is ok. You eat soup, drink tea, cuddle up on the sofa.... In the summer it's the pits. I'm physically fighting the urge to Costanza-it under my desk for a few minutes. Wah wah wah me.

It's CD 3, so urban legend baby didn't make an appearance this time around. May have had something to do with W working until 2 am most nights. (And when he managed to get home somewhat early he was working away with his laptop on his...wait for it....LAP! I couldn't really tell him to stop because he was working on a crazy deadline, but from now on I will be vigilant. (But not mean or anything. I mean he IS cleaning out the fridge!)

Happy Happy to all the BFP's out there. I'm hope this roll continues all summer long!


Amy R said...

Big brownie points to W! :) I hope you feel better Erin- it was lovely meeting you last weekend! And yes, we definitely have to do that again!

Ms. Planner said...

Aww, W sounds like a prince! I know what you mean about not wanting to pester your man to give it up when he is working so hard. I seriously PRAY TO GOD that Cowboy has stress-less weeks during "o" time.

You always make me laugh and smile. Great pic!

xoxo, Ms. Planner

Sticky Bun said...

Wow! Go W! And, great Seinfeld reference.

I'm sorry this wasn't an urban legend cycle for you. But I hope you're in the next round of bloggy bfps!

Carrie said...

Sorry about the cold. Summer colds are not good.

As for W. Cleaning the fridge. Wow. If my husvband cleaned the fridge (or anything) voluntarily, I would wonder what was wrong.

I hope this roll continues all summer too.x

Reproductive Jeans said...

Summer colds STINK. I hope you are feeling much much better soon! Way to go W!=)

Ann said...

So sorry this cycle didn't work out.

I continue to be sick, too. Don't you just wish you could take a week-long (or more) break from life when you don't feel well?

Laura, the (reluctant) baroness said...

What a great guy! Nice catch.

I hope your cold doesn't last too long. Take care of yourself!