Thursday, March 29, 2007

dX: Decreased Ovarian Reserve

Shouldn't they just say "withered, old lady insides" and be done with it? Just a thought.

Anyway, I was right, my FSH is high. 13.7 to be exact. My RE was very positive, but also refreshingly honest about my future fertility. He said there's no reason to panic, but no reason to sit idly by and wait around for the stork to show up. My choices are one or two cycles of IUI with injectibles, and then IVF or straight to IVF.

My initial though was, if I'm not pregnant right this very second, to go straight for Big Daddy (no pun intended), but after looking at our schedules for the next couple of months, am thinking one IUI, then the IVF. FH will be away at the end of May on his annual golfstravaganza and then he'll be in Dallas all of June for work. So May and June can be IVF prep and then we'll be raring to go when he gets back in July.

Although it sucks ass to be diagnosed with these withered, old-lady insides, it does feel good to have a focus now and (sort of) a plan. Yay?

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Joy Suzanne said...

It does suck ass to get the "truth" from your RE but we get the truth anyway, month by month, don't we? Truth comes & takes a litte bite of my heart each time.