Saturday, September 20, 2008

Arranged Friendships

Yes - Pictures below!

So, one of the most interesting things about new motherhood is this idea of Mom's groups. Let me start by saying I absolutely love mine and I would probably be a little lost without it. Having a standing weekly date with people who understand why your hair is so greasy is so nice.

But the concept is definitely a little strange, no? I'm not sure how many of you out there are part of a group and/or how you came to be a part of it, but basically mine was the equivalent of an arranged marriage. I joined the local mother's club at large and then was assigned to a "playgroup" of women who had their babies in April, May or June. Thanks for your $45, now here are your new friends!

Amazingly it is a great group of women. My friend keeps saying, "Has the psycho shown her true colors yet?" and I fully expected there to be at least one, right?  But so far so good. In fact, I am pretty thrilled with the group.  One woman brings wine to all our playdates, not caring that they start at 11am. I heart her a lot. Another had a mom and babies TGIF party at 3pm the other day, complete with beer, bubbly and apps. Heaven!

In an attempt to provide myself with more free outings, I've joined another group for twin moms (my other group is all singletons). More coming after our inaugural meeting next week!

Speaking of next week, my triathlon is one week from today. I haven't exactly been training much. I walk all the time, and now with the B0B have been tackling more hilly terrain, but as far as, you know, actual TRAINING... uh no. In fact, I recently convinced myself that it's better if I don't take a run between now and the race. I figure there's not nearly enough time for it to have any training-type effect, and in the worst case I'll injure myself! So, that run will be my first in 13 months. The last being another 5k that I did absolutely no training for. Smaht. This race is even shorter than a true sprint tri, and I know I could complete each component (somewhat) easily on its own, but put all together? Gawd. It could get ugly.

Ok, as promised, photos!


This is a happy girl.



My big man.


The quintessential twin picture



Daddy keeping his girl warm.



Matty doing his best "sack o flour" imitation at our twins club summer picnic.



Matty in the jumperoo - he has no idea what it is, but he likes it!


Sarah taking her turn.


Once you get your fill of the cuteness, look past the babies to the SEA of baby gear.  It's EVERYWHERE...



Fertilized said...

You are doing much better than me on the mommie group department. I sttend a group but can not seem t ofigure out how to make "outside of hte group" friends. It all seems like high school or middle school again.

This lil cheeks and eyes are just gorgeous.

Congrats on the house

Caba said...

They are getting SO big! Wow. It's amazing how quickly they grow!

Good for you on joining the moms groups. I didn't even bother, since I still work full time. It was all SAHMs so all activities were during the week. But that's so great that you've made some mommy friends that way.

Now, crappy tv? That I can discuss. But you aren't truly a fan of crappy tv until you watch all the VH1 shows (Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, etc.) I am currently enjoying I Love Money.

God help me.

Leah said...

Man you've got some cute kids! I hear you 100% on the sea of baby gear. Add in about a zillion Barbies, Polly Pockets and other toddler toys and you've got the vomit that is my house.

I belong to a few mommy groups, like some and love some, but we've managed to weed out the extreme psychos. Can't wait to hear the stories from your new group!

edie & ella said...

OMG......they are growing so big. Way too cute and worth the ridiculously (i am sure that's spelled wrong) long wait for pictures........aha the baby gear!!! How big is your new house??? Ours is double this one... mainly for gear!!!!sam

Ms. Planner said...

First, LOVE the photos. Esp. the twins in the swing one. Classic.

Congrats on the new house! After your last post about the routine just to let your pooch go to the bathroom, I figured that no one deserves a new house more than you. And a house party with PBRs are the best. Actually, PBRs are pretty standard around our house. Thank God Costco carries PBR.

Can't wait to see new pics of the place. And will be checking back for twin-mommy-group-fodder fun.

Good to hear from you.


Shirley said...

That is too funny about trying to find the psycho - is that not true or what?! Do you just pinch those cheeks all the time - they are too cute. They still look so similar - mine look dissimilar by the day. Congrats on the new house. When I start to buy a new toy - I keep saying to myself "do NOT let your house turn in to a daycare center!"


Geohde said...

Blogger ate my comment!

I was trying to say that my mothers' group starts soon and I, too, find the concept that I shall be instant friends with strangers just because we gestated at about the same time odd.


stickybun07 said...

yup...I'd recognize that sea of baby gear anywhere! And, a triathalon? You are REALLY my hero now. I have't done a lick of exercise since...well since last summer probably. Ugh!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

So freakin' cute!

I haven't found a true group yet. I was going to the breast feeding support group and a few of us formed friendships, but most went back to work so now there are only two of us left! We have fun in our little group though.

Gemini Girl said...

my girls LOVE the rainforest jumparoo!