Monday, July 14, 2008

A Teeny Tiny Favor

Dear Babies of the World,

You know when you get all yawny and droopy-looking in the evening? That gives your overtired mama the idea that you're ready for bed. It encourages her to wrap you up tight, rub your back, sing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (because that's the only song she can think of the words to) and put you down gently in your crib.

Well if you're not planning to fall asleep, why not let us know in THAT exact moment? Why let us creep hopefully back to my dinner or bed, audaciously (thanks Barack) hoping that we're about to get some shut eye. Why must you wait exactly as long as it takes for us to start eating or get comfortable for the exact moment that we become certain that "Oh this is the one....he's definitely going to sleep now," to begin the pathetic warbling that quickly evolves into operatic shrieking. Why?

Just let it out! Make your status known! We don't mind. We get that it might take a few tries for you to fall asleep. We just need you to let us know a little sooner.


Moms of the World


Shirley said...

Amen! I just got done with that exact moment. We moved M to the swing and the house is nice a peaceful now...she just didn't want to be in her crib...but we had to make several trips up and down the stairs to figure that out.

edie & ella said...

The story of my life EVERY NIGHT. What a pain -- I did go to my weightwatchers meeting for my weekly weigh in and I am down another 10.2 pounds -- so maybe it's good for now. No time for dinner!!!

sharerc said...

I personally wish that they would let their status known prior to me attaching the freaking pump to drain my boobs and make their next meal!

stickybun07 said... exactly what you're describing is what led us to a modified cry it out routine at night. it was a tough two nights for me but it really has made all the difference. they now have their bedtime routine down and have really taken to it. no assvice, just something that ended up working. if you're ever interested i'm happy to share what we did...not that it's any was just some advice from another twin mom. :-)