Monday, September 17, 2007

Tsk! Tsk!

I was so excited to go to my beta appointment on Sunday morning, especially since that morning I’d peed on two more sticks and despite a middle of the night trip to the loo, both the FRER and the digital came up positive almost immediately. So I was feeling good about the trip and was excited to share the news with people who actually had a hand in it.

So, once we’re safely out of earshot of any other patients, I tell the nurse (who I was pleased to see was the one who’d been at most of my appts) about my good fortune and after a little nod, there is almost NO reaction aside from saying, “I had a feeling you’d do that.” I knew that they might be nonplussed about a pee stick, so I had been totally honest and told her just how many sticks had given me the thumbs up (5). She is none too impressed. Asks me about any symptoms, I tell her (round ligament pain, sore boobs) and then she says, well that could be the prometrium, you know. Um, yes, but HELLO! I’m pregnant. Can’t you give me a smile or something? And “I had a feeling you’d do that”??? All scoldy like? I thought we’d bonded, man! And all along I’d been planning to test on the morning of my beta. I was just hurried along by Ms. Leah T. Stickpusher is all. I know some people don’t do the hpt’s, but I’m sure we POAS’ers can’t be THAT much of a minority, can we? Are we just a small band of urine cup wielding rebels wreaking havoc with RE's offices across the land?

Nurse Killjoy makes a few notes in my file and it’s on with the blood sucking. I left a few minutes later feeling a bit sad about her lack of enthusiasm. Luckily I had enough of my own and I was over it by the time the elevator hit the ground floor.

Then later in the afternoon when another nurse called to give me the results she said with a smidgeon of disbelief, “Well it looks like all those tests you took were right.” Um, first of all – DUH! And second, did they make a note of just how many I took? And the way she said it made it seem like I was being naughty. Maybe I have an RE demerit now (or 5).

Anyway, does anyone else ever get scolded for POAS’ing?


Delenn said...

Maybe she had a stick up her a**.
(Sorry, this was crying out to be said!)

I have never encountered something like that. Usually the nurses are like "Well, let's hope this blood work confirms it" or a simple congrats. And usually they smile.

Rachel said...

I didn't divulge the sticks when I went. However, I knew it was negative.


Anonymous said...

I have a pretty good relationship with my RE. I told him with my last cycle that it was negative because the pee sticks told me so.

He called me personally to tell me my HCG was at 16. Now, that didn't end up very well, but he and I were able to laugh about it.

Sticky Bun said...

Perhaps you should buy her a bedside manner as a going away present when you "graduate" in a few weeks...

tipsymarie said...

Oh yes. When I got the surprise bfp back in feb, i tested I think three times in as many days. When I called my nurse she was all "Stop peeing on sticks already." Like I was crazy or something?? I don't think 3 in 3 days is anything crazy. It may have been 4, but that's only because I thought the first one was defective. I think it's pretty normal to pee on those repeatedly when you've rarely (or never) gotten a positive before. The nurses at the RE's offices are in need of some kind of sensitivity training.

Fertilize Me said...

oh the dreaded pee sticks, i am not a POAS'er. I am scared of those torture devices.

Tam said...

I have to laugh at us IF's when I read this post, for some reason we expect the nurses that we have been dealing with for ages to respond better to us, to form "that" bond and to understand and feel our pain, don't worry...that happens here too.

I'll never forget when my beta for my IVF was negative, of-course I was at the clinic because I had started spotting, I knew it was over but I just expected her reaction to be different, maybe a hug or something, nada!! I think that they don't form bonds on purpose but sometimes you just want to slap them, maybe that'll bring a smile!!

I never have the nerve to pee on those damn things, been burnt way too many times!

Geohde said...

How rude of her.

I never admit to my poas'ing so I can't get it noted in my file that I urinate on sticks excessively (not that there is an 'excessive' when you're freaking pregnant after IVF-that second line is just so awesome)

Courtney said...

Ahhhh screw the killjoy!

You are pregnant and they should be pushing positive energy in your direction right now. I am so happy that things are going well!

Meghan said...

Sorry she wasn't more excited for you. You think they'd be more use to people testing before their beta. I certainly plan to (although I might not say anything to them now).

Congrats again!

Carrie said...

I'm sure most people poas beforehand, maybe they just don't let on.

Don't let her bring you down, we're all singing for you ;-)

amy said...

It is funny to me that the nurse's were so negative. The girl at my RE's office is so beyond positive that it is annoying. I feel like I could tell her that I already started my period and she would still respond with "That could be a sign that your pregnant!"

Don't let those Debbie Downers rain on your parade though!!

Stacie said...

It is funny how people can make you feel so guilty for poasing. It isn't like they don't know you REALLY want to get pregnant. Give me a break already!

My nurses dismissed my positive hpts until I got my beta back. Oh yeah, you really are pregnant at a 282! Duh. The RE, on the other hand, took it a more seriously and had me come in earlier for my beta.

I am glad you were able to blow her negativity off and still enjoy such a wonderful thing!

Ms. Planner said...

Screw the demerits and Nurse Killjoy. Maybe she was having a tough day. Still... YOU ARE PREGNANT and deserve all of the joy that goes along with it.