Monday, November 19, 2007

Why is this so hard to remember?

Can someone please explain why it's so hard to remember that cleaning is NOT that hard? All weekend I put it off thinking I just didn't have it in me, but because my brother's coming tomorrow and we're leaving our apartment for a friend to house/dogsit for the holiday weekend, I felt like we had to do something. In about 20 minutes W and I made the place look great! Honestly, how stupid that I let it loom over me all weekend.

On another note, is anyone else as tired as I am of Nicole Richie's baby shower? Enough already! I did note that Mischa Barton (why is she famous?) got Nicole a super fancy double stroller as a joke because Nicole is just SO huge that she must be having two. Har dee har har. Think maybe I could ask Nicole to send it my way? Speaking of showers, though, my best friend has offered to throw me one on the East Coast. When I lived there a group of women would have pretty frequent "girls' nights" and I can't wait to see everyone. Besides, who doesn't want to go to Boston in January?

My bloglines is all messed up - saying it can't connect to most of my feeds, so I hope all's well in the world!

I'm psyched that I finally figured out the phone blogging. We're heading to Stinson Beach for Thanksgiving weekend and I doubt we'll bring the laptop and I've got to keep up with NaBloPoMo somehow.

Ok, final random thought for the day... I emailed our almostRealtor to let her know we've decided to rent for a year or so and will get back to her then. When we had toured houses with her, I told her the reason (or two reasons, I guess) for our move. So today when she replied to my email, can you guess what she told me?

Yup, she's pregnant with twins. Total surprise to her (beotch!), but still. Madness!


Geohde said...

Cleaning is worse in the anticipation that the execution, but I don't really like either.

Random fertile twins? yeah, totally hate that!


Baby Step said...

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving. :-)

Suzy said...

Random twins...yeah, I have one of those in my life right now...

Congrats onthe housing decision!

Courtney said...

I hate the thought of cleaning too. Who doesn't??!?

I can't believe those people who just don't even know they are pregnant - and with twins??? Come on people!

Fertilize Me said...

i loathe cleaning! Have a happy thanksgiving- baaaaaaaah to the realtor- and goo d luck withhte bloglines- mine was all missed up, i re-arranged some blogs *because we have a ton of preggo's right now and it makes me happy to see us all grouped together8 and my bloglines fixed the error