Thursday, November 8, 2007

So Typical

I’m that girl. That girl who gets pregnant and becomes a blubbery, slobbery sobbing puddle anytime anything even slight happens.

Here are some recent examples:

-Watching Brothers & S1sters two weeks ago when Sarah lost custody of her kids…BAWLING

-Listening to W tell me how he wants that house to be our “forever house” and how he’ll do anything to make it happen so the babies and I can have it easy…BAWLING

-Pretty much any IF blog post these days, both good news and bad…BAWLING

-Watching the two IVF twin episodes of Bringing Home Baby on TLC…BAWLING

-Ok, I can’t believe I’m admitting this one, because it is seriously fucked up. And while I didn’t cry, I did become momentarily verklempt until I slapped myself upside the noggin. Are you ready? I was emotionally affected this morning by hearing that Ann Curry finally made it to the South fucking Pole. The people in the studio were cheering and she seemed so proud of herself for being only one of like 7,000 people to have made it. Somehow it affected me. And I don’t even really like her! Weird.

Alrighty – had to get my NaBloPoMo’ing done for today because I have a big work event tonight. The first one that I’ve planned here. We’re doing a big all-hands (about 100) meeting, then bowling, so not the toughest event ever, but here’s hoping it goes well! I’ve already had a few people tell me they’re buying me a beer (which…hello people, it’s FREE!) and I’m trying to figure out how I’ll carry the same beer around all evening without being too obvious.


Fertilize Me said...

hormones .........

Lori said...

You got sad by the Ann Curry-South Pole thing? I just got irritated with the standing ovation.

But I don't have hormones coursing through my veins. Just my usual morning crank.

Ms. Planner said...

Tee hee. I cried listening to NPR's "Story Corps" this morning.

Baby Step said...

Good luck with your meeting! Sorry about the house, but you will find your forever home soon. I cry whenever I see the Pedigree dog food commercials, and I am not even preggo.

Courtney said...

You have to admit that the Today show thing was kind of momentous. Just indulge your hormones - you have a great excuse...YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!


Portia P said...

I cry at the drop of a hat anyway. If I ever get pregnant i'll be mess.

I love your blog, but I do have an eensy teensy bone to pick with you my dear. I'm a mad Brothers and Sisters fan but we're behind you here in the UK. You gave away a future plot line!! Next time - give me a Portia warning to look away!!

(Hope I didn't make you cry!!)