Saturday, November 17, 2007

Marin? Really?

I believe we have solved the housing crisis, at least for now. We've decided to rent a townhouse in Marin. I think we're more shocked than anyone about this development. Even though we'd accepted the idea of renting for another year, I really never expected to rent in the burbs. But this place does have quite a few plusses. The complex is right on the water, near a bike path, accepts dogs and has both and indoor and outdoor pool. I'm an absolute sucker for a pool, so offering all-season swimming was playing a little dirty on their part. The townhouse itself is pretty apartment-y, which is to say, BLAH. But I think once we get our stuff in there, along with a couple bright cheery babies, it will be perfectly fine. There are a couple nice decks and a wood burning fireplace and at least twice as much square footage as we could have hoped to get for the money in SF. There are lots of kids around (or at least a lot of people who have car seats in their cars) and I can walk to a grocery store and a cafe. AND...the best part is that it's just 3 miles from my mom, most of which can be done on a bike path. She is so amped up to be Granny of the Year that she'd probably have moved in with us if we'd been any further away. (I'm sure I'll come to the point where I'll be begging her to sleep over, but for now, let's just be glad her own home is nice and close.)

We still have to go put down a deposit, because neither of us brought checks with us today, so assuming no one stole the place from us since noon today, we'll take over around mid-December, wahoo! I haven't lived in an apartment complex since college, so this will definitely take some getting used to, but come March or April when I may easily be mistaken for a sumo wrestler, I bet that indoor pool is going to be mighty nice.

On another note entirely, I have become obsessed with trying to feel G-Lo move. Or Snoozy...either one! But after seeing that Psychobilly Freakout at the doctor on Wednesday, I keep thinking that if I press hard enough I've GOT to feel something. I mean, there are 2 1/2-inch long human beings inside me, at least one of which is dancing like crazy. How can I not feel it?!?

I have to say, they've gotten so much more real to me since that appointment. Even Snoozy, just seeing him sleeping there so perfectly has totally defined his personality to me. In fact, I've gone so far as to "decide" that Snoozy is a boy and is just like W. Exhibit A: W has been passed out on the couch next to me since 8pm. And I think G-Lo is a girl and is more like me, the poor thing, a hyperactive freakazoid.

Speaking of which, I tend to get restless leg syndrome, which I call "jumpy leg." I used to just get it before going to bed, usually on the couch, but certainly not every night. Now for the last couple nights I've been getting it in bed and it is SO frustrating. My mom gets it and it has kept her up for years now (along with her overactive worrywart brain, which mine will surely morph into). I had read on Watson's blog a while back that putting a bar of soap in the sheets with you can help. I tried it last night, but the fact that the soap was booted out to the floor kind of tells the tale on how that went. I'll try it again tonight, but I must say it's very odd to have a bar of soap in your bed. Any other home remedies out there?

But back to my two kids. Kids! It is crazy to me to talk about them like that. I get so caught up in trying to get pregnant, then getting pregnant, then the idea of twins, that I have to keep reminding myself that the end result is going to be us with two kids! It's fucking fantastic, but so hard to really and truly grasp. I have no hope that I will ever really grasp it until I'm actually changing a diaper or covered in spit-up, and maybe not even then, but I think the continued ultrasounds will help. My ob said that we'll probably have one at least once a month, so we'll have a bunch of chances to "get to know" them more and more. I cannot wait to get to know them for real. But will that even help? I see other people with babies and even some with twins, and they seem pretty together. I'm sure they all have their moments, but is my life going to be one big "moment"? I am just so terrified and ecstatic all at once. It's madness.

Whoa, it's getting late (for me, anyway - 10 is the new 2 am). I guess I need to go grab my Lever 2000 and hit the hay. I hope my legs agree!


Fertilize Me said...

congrats on finding a place you like - sounds good,,pools, carseats, walking distance to moms. You just make me laugh trying to pushin hte belly to get the wonder twins to perform tricks .. so cute. good luck to you with the "kids" and the leg

Meghan said...

Glad you found a place you like. There are a lot of perks to renting but nothing will beat being that close to your mom!

And I had to laugh at sleeping with a bar of soap in your bed! I hope it worked for ya!!

Baby Step said...

Ha! 10 is the new 2am, I love it. What is the deal with the soap? How does that work?

Marin! How fun! Don't become a "misguided Marin County Hot Tubber" (a la George Bush Sr's quote!)

Anonymous said...

Try Ivory and put it under the sheet. It helped me with leg cramps.

The Dunn Family said...

Congrats on finding a place ... You have no idea how nice it will be to have family so close by. Especially when you are super sleep deprived and just need some help.

Me and DH had our stuff together with the twins. Like you said, we for sure have our moments, but the joy they bring completely outweighs the tough times. You will be amazing.

Geohde said...

Babies sound like the perfect townhouse accessory to ME. Congrats on G-Lo and Snoopy, again.

As for the RLS, it's common in pregnancy, you can try gentle exercise and stretching, but it tends to be just one of those 'minor symptoms of preg' that annoy the living snot out of you, but your OB just pats your arm sympathetically....