Thursday, November 15, 2007


Me: Before we get into (boring work matter) I need to tell you something…uh, well, I, uh…I’M PREGNANT (totally blurted it out).

Boss: So’s my wife! It’s twins!

Me: Shut the fuck up! Mine are twins! (yeah, F-bomb. Felt right)

High-five (no shit – we did.)

Me: How far along is she?

Boss: About 12 weeks.

Me: Wha? I’m about 12 weeks.

Boss: Did you do the neck wrinkle test? We have that on Tuesday.

Me: Wha? Ours is Wednesday.

We went on to have a slightly more normal conversation with just a few more “Wha?!?’s” and “Shut the fuck up’s” I told him how I’d overheard him ordering the PIO and he was amazed that anyone might know what he was talking about. He was super nice and excited about the whole thing. Definitely gets it and now we have this crazy bond. It sounds like he was not as excited about the twin thing as W. Who was out of his fucking head with glee. But I think he’s into it now. God, I hope so anyway! Not much getting out of it at this stage!

Now I must sign off because I have to go buy some old lady skivvies. None of mine are working for me lately.


The Dunn Family said...

That made me laugh a lot. It's nice to have a boss that understands and will get it.

Meghan said...

That definitely deserves a "shut the fuck up". Glad it went well and your boss understands

Fertilize Me said...

hahahahahaahthat is awesome .. i think we need IF skit board ..that's a perfect one

Courtney said...

It sounds like things went extremely well today with the boss! It will be incredibly helpful to have him understand what you are going through because he will be doing the same things with his wife.

*Those pictures of your little ones on the previous post are too cute! I love that they are already showing their different personalities. :)

Baby Step said...

I pictured Elaine from Seinfeld pushing the boss so hard he fell down! HOW COOL that twins are coming for both of you! That rocks!

Ms. Planner said...

I love that you can say "shut the fuck up" to your boss. Couldn't have gone better :)

Kim said...

small world, isn't it?

I ended up seeing my neighbor at the fertility clinic a couple times and then again a couple weeks ago at the OB office...

glad it went well!

Geohde said...


That's great, and kinda funny!


Anonymous said...

Do you have the same RE too??

I am sure having a boss with a wife in the same situation will make things a whole lot easier.

tipsymarie said...

Oh yeah. An F-bomb is a completely appropriate response in this situation. Crazy.