Thursday, November 22, 2007

Multimedia message

I did NOT expect thd alcohol to be such a temptation, but presented like this? It's a teeny bit torturous! Maaaybe just a wee glass of wine...


Fertilize Me said...

awesome pic - happy thanksgiving

Baby Step said...

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! This was the first TG that I didn't have a sip of anything...I usually have to self-medicate at my SIL's, but I was STRONG. :-)

I found the BEST soda: Izzy's pomegranate and also their blackberry. I brought some with me and it held me over.

Geohde said...

Stand aside!!!

I'LL save you from temptation....(glug-glug-glug).


The wonder twins can thank me later,