Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I am a mere 58 minutes from a 5-day weekend and I cannot wait! Granted, Day 1 of this bacchanalia will include our NT scan, but once that's over and the perfect results are achieved, it's time to relax! Not that I'd be doing anything but if I was staying home, but somehow it's different when you're staying somewhere else. My mom, stepdad, brother and W are staying in a rented house in Stinson Beach, just down the hill from my stepbrother's house where the Thanksgiving festivities will go down. I'm making dinner for tomorrow night - just some crock pot chili and corn bread to go alongside. We also have to find a way to watch the Syracuse basketball game, which may be tough since there's no tv at our rented house. I also have to make an appetizer for Thursday, which will probably be chipotle-lime, bacon wrapped shrimp, done on the bbq. They're a teeny bit labor intensive, but it's a short ingredient list, which makes me happy - I fucking HATE the grocery store. Then, turkey. Ahhh...Thanksgiving is far and away my favorite meal. I can't wait!

Friday is the 2nd Annual Feel Good Friday. Last year, my stepbrother decided that the Friday after Thanksgiving is actually the best day of the year and I think he might just be right. All your familial obligations are over, you don't have to go to work for a couple more days, and there's nothing to do but FEEL GOOD! Last year we started an "annual" beer pong tourney and I'm looking forward to it again, especially because of the new rule stating that my partner has to drink any beer penalties I incur. Is it mean to choose my mom? She can handle it, believe me. We just eat pizza on FGF, and I was thinking of making some peanut butter rice krispie treats decorated with autumnal reeses pieces, mostly because that sounds so good to me! The rest of the weekend is kind of an open slate, so we'll see what's in store.

My brother arrived from NYC a few hours ago, which to me means that the holiday has started. He and W are off on a walk w/ Bella and I can't wait to get home and meet up with them.

The babies seem huge today. I had gone to M1Mi Maternity over the weekend with the $100 gift certificate that my mom gave me and went a little bit to town. Like to $500 town. Oops. W picked out the most fab pair of capri-camo-maternity pants, so of course those were included in my haul. I cleaned my closet out of the pants and shirts that no longer fit me and MAN, does it look sparse in there! I guess I need to do some more shopping. Especially since today, the WT's seem to have really popped out. Maybe they want to be part of the Thanksgiving festivities, too? As long as they behave themselves tomorrow at our appointment, they can do whatever they want.

Along with the NT scan, we're also having a 45 minute genetic counseling session. I guess they will go through all the possibilities, which for the most part I know, but I think it will be good for both of us to be completely informed before making any further decisions. I tend to think that we wouldn't do an amnio, but who knows what tomorrow's results will have to say about that. I'm trying not to think about anything except seeing the WT's in hi-def. I hope G-Lo's been working on his dance routine and maybe Snoozy will even wake up to say hello.



Meghan said...

LOVE the idea of Feel Good Friday. I might have to adopt that. Enjoy your 5 day break, I know I can't wait.

And let us know how the NT goes tomorrow!

Fertilize Me said...

woo hooo wishing you luck!

Courtney said...

Good luck! Good luck!! GOOD LUCK!!! And have a great holiday too! :)

Lori said...

Cheers! And good luck!

Baby Step said...

Wow, I love the idea of FGF too! I have to pilfer that for my family. I know what you mean about Thanksgiving being the BEST holiday for food. Last year we were invited to my SILs (she is NUTS). At the last minute she moved it to Sunday (WTF?) and when we got there, she served buffalo wings, cheese and crackers, spinach dip, and other appetizers. And brownies for dessert. It was worse than the Charlie Brown TG!

Diana said...

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving! Your FGF sounds excellent!!!

Cibele said...