Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Form of...Snooze and Spazz!

Does anyone know if there was ever an episode of the Super Friends where one of the Wonder Twins took a peaceful snooze and the other had a spastic dance party? Because that's what we saw today at the ultrasound.

Sleepy who resides in the top bunk, apparently thought this would be a great time to snooze in the sweetest pose ever. It's a wonder sleep was a possibility considering the insanity that was going on down in the bottom bunk. G-Lo was going crazy. I think there must have been some kick ass techno music going on down there because the doctor could barely get a picture! He finally did, though and they both look great. I'm 12w3d today and 23rd measured at 12w6d. G-Lo is right on track at 12w3d.

And here they are! G-Lo is kind of hard to make out because the dance party just don't stop.



G-Lo is actually in the bottom sac, a total blur.

I am in love with the fact that they are in this bunk bed position. It's so cute!

My doc said that my cervix looks great, although there's a polyp on it. He thinks that's probably what caused the spotting. We had sex the night before the evil pink showed up, so now I guess we know what caused it. I'd made it a no-go zone since the spotting, but now since I know what the problem is, maybe the restriction can lift a bit. The doctor said he'd rather not remove it unless it becomes a problem and I'm fine with that.

I go for the nuchal translucency next Wednesday. That makes me a little nervous, but of course I'm excited to see the WT's again.

I'm telling my boss tomorrow. I'm absolutely convinced his wife is pregnant. Not only did I hear him ordering more progesterone, but then he was talking to a co-worker who suggested my boss needs to open a 529. So...not too many reasons for a 529 aside from impending fatherhood, right??

Wish me luck breaking the news! "Hi, I'm your brand-new employee and I'm pregnant!"


Baby Step said...
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Baby Step said...

So cute! The image of the dance party on the bottom bunk is too adorable. I am so glad you could share the snap shots. Good luck tomorrow with the news break. They will have to deal with it. They WILL deal with it!

Leah said...

Yippity skippity, yeah yeah yeah! (Picture me dancing around the room whilst singing that.)

Glad to hear all is well with Sleepy and Dopey. Just kidding, I could never call your child Dopey, we're just a little Snow White obsessed in this house right now...

Good luck with the NT scan, and with telling your boss the news. Please do post with all the details!

Meghan said...

Yeah!!! Love the pics, especially little G-Lo's dance party.

Good luck telling the boss

Fertilize Me said...

hahahah love the bunk bed thoughts. Sending you good vibes for hte nuchal test and coming out of the closet

JJ said...

Awwww SO cute=) Congrats again Erin=)

butterflyanla said...

Yay wonder twins! Glad all is well with them. I hope all goes well with your boss.

Ms. Planner said...

I love that they already have bunk beds. Too cute! And let us know how things go with the boss and your announcement. Luck!

Sticky Bun said...

Hooray! They're beautiful. :-) I'm so glad things are looking good and hope that the nuchal goes really well!