Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's BA-ACK!

Well, the infertourretes has struck again. I arrive here at ye old temp gig and am not feeling so hot after my morning shots. Most mornings I’ve either eaten right before or after the shots, but this morning I didn’t have time, so that might have contributed to it. Anyway, there’s this chick, D, who sits right near my desk and I can tell that with the person I’m replacing away at Burning Man, D is really jonesing for someone to talk to. She’s only mildly annoying, just one of those people who has to chat a lot. Me? Not so much.

So, surprisingly my icky feeling on the inside is showing on the outside because D happens to notice and asks me about it. I started to play it off as if I’m not a morning person (which? I actually am), but then all of a sudden I’m telling her the whole deal. No idea why, but there it was. Then of course she wants to learn all about it. Apparently she’s got friends who are all “going through the same thing.” But since she asked me a million questions and repeatedly said, “Wow, that is so great that you’re doing that.” I’m pretty certain she don’t know shit because ain’t nothin’ great about it. Once I gave her a good skoolin’ she realized that her friends are just at the Clomid stage. Hopefully for their sakes they won’t have to go any further.

Also she asked me if it was my first one and since I was having some honesty verbal di-di, I said no it’s my second. She goes, “And is your first baby healthy?”

Um… what first baby? I guess she thought – as so many do – that IVF is actual magic and 100% effective. Yeah, not so much. Anyway, it’s always good to educate, right? Occasionally painful and awkward, but good!
I also have to share this amusing anecdote from the wild world of temping… So the woman I’m filling in is the office manager/receptionist at a design firm. (luckily the phone barely rings, or I’d have run screaming on Day 1) Anyway, there is a certain, but not terribly overwhelming design aesthetic to the office except the for the freakish use of yellow. There is yellow EVERYWHERE. All the file folders are yellow, the scissors are yellow, the walls, etc. Gray and black are the accent colors. Now, being in the receptionists’ seat, I’m kind of in the open. Her chair is… you guessed it - YELLOW, and it’s also uncomfortable as shit. There’s this pad that goes across the middle of the seat and it made it all uneven. So I went into the nearby conference room and swapped it out for a black one that appeared to be identical, but had a much less-intrusive pad.

Yesterday I could tell that the firm’s owner was confused by the switch. He was in the conference room trying to figure out “what’s different.” I informed him that I’d swapped them and he headed back into his office with a troubled “Hmmmm.” Then this morning he came out of the room and said, “Now, you know, those two chairs are exactly the same?”

I told him how I’d found the yellow one to be really uncomfortable and he comes back with the same thing, how they’re exactly the same chair. He was so wigged out about it. Bizarre. Needless to say, I’m still sitting in the black one and won’t be changing. He can have his precious yellow one back next week. I hope he doesn’t have a heart attack over it or anything. FREAK!


Fertilize Me said...

I am envious that you could share all that with noisy nancy today!! good for you - as for hte yellow chaired freak - tell him they have therapy for that ;) I hope he can survive with a different color chair

amy said...

Thanks for the comment. Co-workers totally suck sometimes. Look at the bright side--at least you don't have to work full time with the chair freak in the yellow office. I may need some therapy just over the thought of working in a yellow world.

Good luck with IVF!!!


Sticky Bun said...

Um..."is your first child healthy?" Wow. It's stunning, isn't it? (Actually, when we were in the ER for bleeding last week, the nurse who was doing our vitals asked if it was our first pregnancy. I said no. And she said, "so how many children do you have." Um, yeah, that would be zero. She looked visibly confused. You'd think a nurse would understand the math there...)

And it kind of cracks me up how OCD that guys sounds about his yellow and black chairs. I think you should go buy a red one and stick it in the conference room just to really throw him off tomorrow... :-)

Reproductive Jeans said...

Haha, I agree with SB--that will really throw him off! The things people do and say...still amazes me!

Diana said...

Absolutely not a bitch. someone would have to be dying for me to "give" them $5k. (I don't believe it's possible to loan to family, just give it and be surprised if you ever get anything back.

Your workplace sounds crazy!!! All that yellow, you must be full of sunshine by now :)

Ms. Planner said...

Oh, the $5K loan thing sounds tough. I "loaned" my brother money once - and it wasn't nearly as much - and he never paid it back. Doesn't even mention it. It has strained my relationship with him.

I like Sticky's idea of a red chair. That would totally fuck him up.

Geohde said...

I am so sorry that someone was as stupid as all that. To assume that your first IVF worked, and this was baby #2. Ouch.

You were very patient, to say the least.