Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life at the Crystal Palace

So today was my first day of unemployment and I have to say I am not all that good at it. As much as I really would love to be independently wealthy and not reliant on The Man for a salary, I don't know if I'd be any good at not working. I think it would be way different if there was a baby or two in the mix. They would certainly help fill the time, I imagine.

To ensure poor use of my time off I woke up hungover today. It was W's fault. We made up a new (kind of ghetto) cocktail of Bombay and Crystal Light, named the Crystal Palace in honor of the nasty, plastic bottled, $4 gin his parents get, and he messed with the proportions a bit in celebration of my unemployment. I guess I should own it a little, too since I chose to have 3 of them. Yeah, three. They were so good! And practically calorie-free! It was loads of giggly fun last night, but this morning not so much. I had interviews at two temp agencies and I just don't think I was at my best. Luckily to a temp recruiter if you can string a sentence together and don't drool much during the interview they think you're the second coming. Of course they make you take a typing test and thanks to the lingering affects and the early hour I might as well have used my feet. Oh well, I'm not looking for a job in the typing pool, so I'm ok with it.

Later I hit the beach with Bella and took our car to the self-wash place that I love so. There's something about that foamy brush that makes me happy. I had plans to grocery shop and be generally housewifely, but that didn't really work out so well. In fact, slacker that I am, we ended up going out to dinner. Aren't I supposed to make meatloaves or wrap myself in saran wrap or something? I'll keep working on it...

Somehow last night, in my boozy bliss I remembered to take my last bcp. AF never did arrive, but I'm guessing she'll show up very soon. Fine and dandy, I'm headed in for my baseline on Saturday, so I'm happy to get this show on the road!

I got all my meds and can officially recommend from England. They were so nice, and way cheaper. I got Pureg0n instead of Foll!stim, but nun pee is prob'ly nun pee, right? Hopefully he Pureg0n needles are as smooth like butta as Foll!stim - they were so easy (and useless) last time!

Not much else to update. I'm kind of in mini limbo for now. I'm really anxious to see some results from the acupuncture, herbs, wheatgrass and dhea. Of course if I do have a good response, how will I know what worked? I guess I don't care, right? My face is breaking out like crazy on my forehead, which is weird for me, so maybe the dhea is kicking in. There better be some good reason for this teenage drama 20 years too late.

Holy crap, twenty years? I might need another Crystal Palace.


Geohde said...

Mmmmm alcohol.

So fun at the time and so bad the next morning!

I hope you find a job that you enjoy in the near future.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Ive been having so much wine lately....but its good for our souls, right?! Thats how I justify it anyway=)
Sending job luck your way!

Amy R said...

Oh cool; was cheaper! I'll have to ask you about that on Sunday- I didn't like the fact that I had to use a Visa card (I don't have one!). Anyways, I'm looking forward to lunch and pedicures! :)

Ms. Planner said...

Crystal freaking Palace! I love it! Be sure to post pictures when you get that Saran-Wrap thing figured out, okay?

Anonymous said...

You should have tried another crystal palace to help with the hangover!

Pureg0n and F0llistim are the same drug - just called different things in the US/UK/Canada.

tipsymarie said...

Crystal Palace was the name of a nightclub in a rough part of the city. It had no windows and was open 24 hours, and it had a quite a storied reputation. I never went there, but I always wanted to. Just out of curiosity. So, I might have to make your cocktail in its honor.

tipsymarie said...

Hit post too soon. Good luck on your interviews, and you are right. Drooling is a complete and total drawback to any future employment.