Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shake it, don't break it - Updated

Injection update below.

So lest anyone thing that Dr. Pig has taken any bedside manners classes since we last met him, this post is here to assure you he's just as much as a dipshit as always.

I was thrilled when I scheduled my baseline to hear that it would be done by another doctor in the office. I've dealt with her before and she's been fine. I told the nurse who was taking my blood that despite the week plus of spotting I hadn't gotten my period yet. She seemed nonplussed and said that Not Dr. Pig would be right in. So you can imagine my shock and dismay when in through the door bursts Dr. Pig shouting, "NO PERIOD YET, EH?!"

"Um, no, not yet," I manage to say back.

"Well, we'll shake it loose," he says.

Shake it loose.

Shake. It. Loose.

WHAT the fucking fuck?

He said it while waving the dildocam around, I assume to demonstrate the implement which would do the shaking loose. Of what, though? AF? My precious lining? Cramps? Bitchiness? Even though I'm not exactly a prude, or particularly delicate in my real life, I was really surprised and couldn't pay much attention to the actual ultrasound. I guess I'm good to go, there are a few visible antrals on one side and a few more on the other. That's all I could get from him.

Unreal is what it was.

So once he was mercifully gone, I asked the nurse for the needles and syringes I needed and she was more than obliging. The pureg0n stuff all fits into my f0llistim pen, so I'm good to go there.

Except I'm kind of in a funk. Now it's really hitting me that I have to do this all over again and I'm not all that psyched about it. Shocking, I know. I just have this feeling that I'm going to have a hard time doing my first shot tonight, which is weird because I was really fine with them last time around. Maybe it's because that time I just assumed I was injecting myself with the magic elixir and would be pg for sure. HA! Anyway...I've thrown my energies in to cleaning which is much needed. I'm just so glad I'm not disturbing W's nap. /sarcasm.

(Please refer to Tipsymarie's great post for pretty much my exact feelings on how feminism can suck it. Even though right this very second I do happen to be unemployed, whether I'm working or not, W does NOT pull his weight in the housework department. I'm right with her, too about how he's the best of the best and I have absolutely nothing (except this) to complain about. It's just that he doesn't care as much about when our desk is piled with crap, or if the dishes sit until the next day. ARGH.)

Ok, back to the cleaning...

So my injections went fine last night and again this morning - phew! It was good to be able to just start with 1 last night. Then this morning I woke up before W and did my first 3-shot round with ease. I guess it's just like riding a bike. Let's just hope I don't have to do the whole Tour de France.


Von said...

There are some astoundingly stupid medics out there. I sometimes have the overwhelming urge to give them a go with dildocam and see how they like it.......
Not to mention some of the things they say.

Had the same problem once too with the needle. Even though it was tiny and I knew it didn't hurt I just couldn't stick it in myself. Luckily hubby obliged. I got over it a day or so later.

Don't give up hope.

Ms. Planner said...

My mouth fell open when I read your post.

Shake it loose. WTF???? Maybe you should buy one of the plastic pig noses and ask him to strap it on his face at your next appointment.

Please don't give up hope, Erin. It is worth fighting for with everything you have got.

Amy R said...

He Is An Idiot!! Well, I do hope all goes well tonight. We'll have plenty to talk about tomorrow :)

Becks said...

Dr Pig sounds like a nightmare!! I would have wanted to slap him, I bet you did, but a horizontal position is not the best one to get the most weight behind it to knock the little sh*t out!

Hope the first injection goes ok and thanks for the link to the site you got your meds from, I might try them if I need another cycle.

Sticky Bun said...

Good lord, shake it loose?! Ridiculous.

I can understand why you're feeling different about this cycle. But, there is still much to hope for. I'll be keeping everything crossed for you, Erin!

Kristen said...

Wow, what does he think - you're in a club? Shake it loose?! What a moron.

I hope you don't have trouble with the needles. Maybe having someone else do it would help since you wouldn't have control?

Wishing you lots of luck. XOXO

Reproductive Jeans said...

Haha...oh I am sorry to be laughing at this--but that just strikes me as NOT the bedside manner to use--lordy!
Keep on fighting dear friend...dont give up!

topcat said...

OMG - next time, grab the dildocam and get him to bend over. And say
"Now, let's REALLY shake it loose ...."

Good luck with this cycle.

Geohde said...

I do so hope that this cycle has that extra magic ingredient...a baby :)

Carrie said...

Shake it loose! You have to womder what planet they are on sometimes.
It must be hard to be starting over again. It is such a difficult thing to be doing. I hope that this will be the last.

Anonymous said...

How incredible bizarre.

Glad the shot went well!

Fertilize Me said...

Oh Dr.Pig is a GIANT effn MORON .......... wow, how did you make it out of there w/o punching him?

Sticky Bun said...

So glad the first shots went well! I hope the rest are a breeze and that you cruise right into a wonderfully successful trigger and retrieval!

wishing you the best!

Sarah said...

just a quick spin around the block would be good, right? here's hoping for no tour de france....

Diana said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Best of luck on IVF#2! Your doctor sounds like an ass but who cares if he can get you pregnant right?