Thursday, April 12, 2007

Information Overload

Go vegan!

Eat a high protein diet!

Get some exercise!

Don't exercise!

Do yoga!



High fat!

Low fat!

You're fat!

Jesus effin' Christ there is a lot of information out there. Information may be too kind a word. "Advice" I guess. But when it's published in a book that's available at my trusty library, it does kinda feel like information, ya know?

So I'm anxiously awaiting my phone consult with my RE tomorrow to talk about when I can start my IVF cycle. This will be my first, and we've got a few travel dates to work around, but I'm hoping we can start right away. I'm just starting my third month of acupuncture and herbs so most likely I'll have completed my "magic number" three months of TCM treatment just in time for IVF.

I got my period today, and it came on like a Mack truck. I guess that might be good so it will come and go fairly quickly, but writhing in pain is so much better at home on the couch. Doing it here at my desk is the pits. Another positive is that I can talk to my RE in real terms and not be waiting for my next CD 1.

(Insert your own eloquent transition here)

A friend of mine gave me "The Infertility Cure" and said that it really put her mind at ease and she attributes her pregnancy to it. This is the same friend w/ 2 sessions of acupuncture, some Clomid and BAM, knocked up! (That's not really fair, she was trying for a while, just nothing medical aside from the Clomid.)

Reading this book, really makes me wish I had time to try doing it all naturally. It sounds so nice to use food and herbs and acu to get my body working correctly, but with my recent diagnosis I just don't think it's a good idea. I just wish we got this information earlier in life rather than when I'm being threatened with eggstinction.

Unfortunately the book's not putting me at ease like it did my friend. The author tends to knock Western IF treatments a little. Not always unfairly, but for those who don't feel like they have the option to go all natural, it can feel kind of insulting.

Insults aside, I'm heading off to the local organic grocery to get my lunch today. Of all the information I've gotten, going organic is one that I can't find an argument against.

Going vegan? That's just crazytalk.


Sticky Bun said...

While we didn't ever go vegan or anything (I love my dairy, what can I say), we did spend many months cutting out coffee and alcohol, eating more fruits and veggies, drinking green tea, etc. And, all I can say is that I was a healthier infertile.

Good luck with your consult tomorrow! I hope you're able to get started soon! :-)

hopeful to hateful in 28 days said...

I've gone back and forth between cutting out everything "bad" and eating/drinking anything forbidden. Unfortunately I have a way of saying "Ok body, if you won't get pregnant- take that!" (insert caffeine or mass quantities of sugar here) Quite honestly, my diet and eating habits are determined by what cycle day I'm on.