Monday, April 9, 2007

So much for a happy post

Well, it's a no. I was starting to have a feeling, although after spending the weekend with two pregnant friends, one damn cute baby and his mother, (a "friend" who knows that I'm going through all this yet spent the entire day we were together obsessing about my no-quotes-needed friend's pregnancy. And my NQN friend doesn't even want to talk about it. To her it's a fact of life not a reason to stop all other topics of conversation.) I could have used a BFP.

I think it's onto IVF now, which is pretty scary because it's kind of the last frontier.


stickybun07 said...

I'm sorry to hear about this cycle. V. dissapinting. And I can't believe your friend went on and on about pregnancy. People can be so insensitive!

Adrienne said...

Crap. I'm sorry, Erin. And I know how you feel about IVF - we're staring it in the face if our latest scheme doesn't work, and it feels like our last chance.