Thursday, September 20, 2007

2WW Redux

Oh what a day!

It all started with an email to my friend about how I wasn’t going to stress about getting an earlier appointment and I would just “bask in glee.” Ok, that is just fucking hilarious because not 2 hours later I was smack dab in the middle of a total freakout. I don’t know exactly what brought it on, but it was crazy. I ended up emailing the nurse at my RE’s telling her a little bit about my freakout and beating wimpishly around the bush to ask if they ever let people do earlier ultrasounds. Olga, the nurse who looked after me during my retrieval sent back a really nice email about how things were looking great and while I could come in for another beta if I want, they really discourage earlier ultrasounds because it’s hard to see anything and they can add stress rather than relieve it.

At the end of her email she said “I know this waiting period is hard but you honestly are in very good standing for a viable pregnancy.” As I read the words “viable pregnancy” I started crying. Happy tears, of course, but they were kind of unexpected to say the least. I guess I’m a little hormonal! I also had to restrain myself from throwing W’s laptop across the room last night because he kept watching these annoying clips from You Tube. Normally I’m all over the You Tube, but last night I thought I’d kill him. Then later he was wrestling with the dog and that was bothering me. I’m usually pretty even keeled, (despite my profane outbursts here, of course) so these ups and downs are kind of strange. But good-strange. I want to feel different. I would also like to feel a little more secure about this pregnancy, but I guess that will have to wait until October 5th. Which is 2 weeks away, hence the title of this post. If only Leah had a special u/s stick for me to pee on!

In other news, at lunchtime today I had my second interview at the real estate firm from last week. Things have juuuust a bit since I had my first one, but I think I’d still like the job. 9 months is a long time and unless we hit the lottery (Note to self: Start buying lottery tickets.) I will probably have to go back to work at least in some capacity. The company is supposedly very family friendly, although I’m not sure if that extends to people informing them about a month after they start that they’ve got a bun in the cubicle… They also offer the curious “Maternity Management” so we’ll see what that’s all about, as well as part-time/flex hours and job sharing. There are two open positions in different departments and at today’s interview I met with people from both groups. I definitely have a preference of the two. It wasn’t so hard – what would you prefer “Churning out lease agreements” or planning fun events and creating a newsletter? My dream job is to be “Company Party Planner” so I’m hoping I’ll be able to move forward with the second position. Plus I got a good vibe from the guy who would be my boss, and that’s always a good thing. I already heard back from the HR woman that the people from both departments liked me and I told her my preference. Now I just need the official offer! It will be really tough leaving this temp job, though. I mean, who is going to three hole punch these papers???

I did warn that there would be mad ramblings here, so if you’ve made it this far, at least you were warned!


Baby Step said...

Good luck with getting the position -- and I hope the new 2WW goes by quickly (yeah, who am I kidding!)

Courtney said...

The waiting just never ends!!! I am glad that you have a kind and compassionate nurse who understands how hard this wait can be. I hope that appointment gets here in no time!

Geohde said...

The freakouts = totally normal. :)

Plan for them, it takes nerves of steel to repress the panic sessions completely.


Fertilize Me said...

i think you are allowed as many freakouts as it takes. I am also glad that your n urse was SUPER postive and timely in her response!! EXCELLENT. Good luck on the job that you want

Suzy said...

ugh...the wait to the ultrasound is soooooo looooooong, right?? but i agree, wait it out a little if you can. if you go in that "in between" phase you're just asking for more anxiety. ( :

AshPash said...

Geez, more and more waiting...the beta looks great..congratulations!