Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Operators Are Standing By

My ER was an absolute breeze. I was a total vegetable yesterday once I got home (a couch potato to be exact), but didn't feel any pain and I don't have any residual effects today. They got 4 eggs out. Not bad I guess, since I had 5 follicles. Normally they get eggs out of 2/3 of the follicles, so so far my percentages are good! Total numbers - Eh. Percentages - Yippee!

Now I'm waiting totally impatiently for the nurse to call with the fertilization report. She was making these calls while I was recovering yesterday, which was at 10:30 (it's noon now) so I'm hoping that she's just super busy today, otherwise it means she trying to psych herself up to give me bad news.

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Sticky Bun said...

So glad ER went well! I hope that your percentages stay high--will be thinking of you! Keep us posted...