Saturday, March 31, 2007

Halfway through the 2ww!

I had a great day yesterday. No work because of Cesar Chavez Day and W got home early! Not being at work was great in many ways. Some are obvious - no working! Some less so - not being at work meant not being at the computer so I didn't spend time reading about (ok, obsessing about) infertility and withered insides. It felt so good.

Bella and I went to Fort Funston where she ran and swam and generally had a blast and then I did some shopping, finding a great new rug for our living room and some cute earrings. Then when W got home we went golfing and I actually played pretty well! I swear, going to the driving range first is a MUST! The evening was topped off with a delicious dinner at a mexican place near our house and the Giant's-A's exhibition game.

It totally felt like a Saturday and now TODAY'S Saturday. So great. Tomorrow we're going hiking with friends and next week I'm only working three days because my girls are coming to town. I'm hoping all this activity will help me get through this everlasting 2ww, because while I don't want to fast-forward through their trip, the wait until I POAS on Easter Sunday is killing me!

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