Sunday, July 27, 2008


Babies are sleeping!

And sleeping and sleeping and sleeping!

The routine is kicking ass so far. We've done it every night, even those when we've been out way later than we should be, and night after night the babies fall right to sleep! We had so many nights of it taking forever to get them to sleep, but now they know the drill. Bath, food, slumber.

And the best part? Matthew has started giving us some long stints of shut-eye! The last few nights he's done anywhere between 5 and 6 hours at a time! Love it! And Sarah's been doing 8 to 9. It's just incredible.

I'm fully prepared for them to revolt, but for now I am loving life.

Also, we've been having actual FUN during playtime! Laughter, interaction, the whole works! Sarah's started reaching out for the toys dangling from the gym and on the bouncy chair, and I swear she reached out for Matthew the other day. Plus she's developed a fondness for this one particular elephant. He makes her so happy! And they laugh when I sing, make silly noises and smile at them! It has reduced me to acting quite the fool just to see those gummy grins, but hell, it's just us there, so who cares?!

We had a nice weekend. W had to work on Saturday, but our friends came over with their baby and we just hung out all day. She and I are former roommates, so it's very easy for us to hang out informally. She even took a nap at one point! Also, they live without tv, so she got good and sucked into some HGTV. Eventually W came home and we took the kidlets down to the pool. Unfortunately it was too cold for the littles, but their baby LOVED it. He's almost 6 months and has more meat on his bones, so the cool water didn't bother him. Today I played some tennis with my mom and got to have a swim on my own. GLORIOUS! (Except for the beating my mom gave me on the court. She plays almost every day, but still! It was rough.)

Ok, the laptop's dying and I'm too lazy to go get the power cord. Tomorrow I'll post these RIDICULOUS pictures I took of the babies. I dressed them up in Happy Birthday gear, popped them into the bumbos and will send a framed picture to my brother as his b-day prezzie. I never thought I'd be the type of person to give presents of my kids as gifts, but not even 3 months in, I've caved.

Last thing - I think we're going to make an offer on a house! We'll be a bit stretched, but I would LOVE to have a real house. This townhouse has done the job, but we need a yard and I really want to paint the babies' room orange.


edie & ella said...

lucky dog -- with the sleeping thing I mean.
Awesome about the house -- I'll help you with the orange painting if you need it.....
I love the laughing and gummy grins ------ isn't it lovely

Kate said...

I love the smiles! It's such a great reward.

Carrie said...

I'm glad they are sleeping. Must help a lot.

Orange is a great colour.

Heather said...

Glad to hear the nighttime routine is working.

Alexa said...

Ok, that's it, I am starting a similar bedtime routine for Simone tonight. And I agree about playtime being FUN all of the sudden. Simone is about the same age as your babies (adjusted) and I have definitely noticed the change. Isn't it great?
(In your last post you mentioned that you give the babies their baths with you in the tub--I do the same thing, and then hand the baby to my husband while I stay in and wash my hair. It is the only way I have time to get clean. I think of it as multitasking...)

Ms. Planner said...

I am SO jealous. Mixed, of course, with so much happiness for you. They say things really turn a corner at 6-8 wks past the due date. And it seems to have proved true with the WTs. Missy just turned 6 weeks from her est due date so I just keep adhering to the night routine - hoping and hoping she'll turn a corner soon. Congratulations to you!

Watson said...

Hilarious pictures! You should do something like that for your brother each year as the babies grow up.

And congrats on maybe making an offer on a house, I must hear all the deets this weekend.

Can't wait to see you guys and meet the Littles!