Monday, March 31, 2008

You give a guy an inch!

I told W that it was ok if he was grossed out by my cankles. He can't be appalled by my many chins, my fat thighs, or my generally increased girth, but the cankles are fair game. I mean, they really are aesthetically heinous and they're occasionally cartoonish in shape and size. So I had to laugh when today after work I revealed the beasts only to hear,

"Holy shit! Your cankles have cankles!"

Frankly he's right. They were extra-specially ugly today. All lumpy and stuff.

Other than that, things are still going pretty well. I can feel some serious growth, though. And I'm definitely getting more uncomfortable on a daily basis. I can't remember if I mentioned this already, but my doctor said my last day of work should be at 36 weeks, which is 4/25. He also said that he'd be surprised if I make it that far. On one hand I agree, because my clothes and shoes don't fit at all and getting comfortable at my desk is really hard, but then on the other hand what the hell would I do at home? I hate my couch right now, because whenever I'm home I'm on it. We did buy a rocker/recliner this weekend, but it won't come in until mid-April sometime. Maybe that will be the sign for me to quit work. When I have a big, fat lazyboy to sit in. Not that we got a lazy boy. It's from Macy's and not so big and fat. Super comfy, though.

I guess being home would afford me lots of time to clean the house. It's been sinking into a bit of a state lately. If I were home, I could tackle it room by room. I guess I'll just take it week by week for now. I did have a big plan of taking off a day each week to prolong my work life, but it hasn't worked out for the past 2 weeks, and in fact, I've been working long hours, including one 12-hour day from hell last Thursday. That was rough. I'm hoping to have tomorrow off. Cross your fingers!

I've reached the 32 week milestone, which I understand is a big one, but I can't find any info on exactly why. Anyone? So in between g00gle searches for the answer to that, I spend my time waiting for my belly button to pop. It gets a little closer every day, and when I laugh it pops in and out a little bit. (Video of this ridiculousness to follow). However, I'm pretty certain there's another part of me that's apparently (and quite unfortunately) going to be an "outie" long before my belly button is. Any guesses?


Amy said...

Absolutely no guesses...but congrats on hitting 32 weeks!

Geohde said...

32 weeks is the point at which long-term outcomes become equivalent to that of a term baby. Yes, they may need respiratory assistance and NG feeds for a while, but they do as well in the long term as a baby cooked for 38 weeks.

A piece of barely-solicited medical blather,


Sticky Bun said...

Hooray for 32 weeks! And, I'm sorry about the cankles' cankles. I give you so much credit for still going to work, though! Be sure to take it easy on yourself and the wonder twins, though. :-)

Leah said...

32 weeks is a big deal for lung development. They are making surfectant (I think that's what it's called) which is apparently a giant bonus.

Sorry about the cankles. Have you tried swimming? Actually, I should have put that in quotes, "swimming." Because there's no real motion, I just hang out in the water and enjoy being weightless, light as a feather, and benefit from the pressure of under water working some magic on my swollen places.

Fertilized said...

I do applaud you! Regardless of the cankle's cankles' and a realy entertaining belly button.. You are working at 32 weeks - Go you. You really are a super hero carrying the wonder twins!

Baby Step said...

Wow, you are already 32 weeks 4/25 is right around the corner -- time is flying and you are going to be a momma (times two!) in no time flat!

Ms. Planner said...

Wonder twins? I say Wonder Mama. Congratulations on hitting 32 weeks AND still commuting into the city everyday for work. I am certifiably impressed. I hope the month of April flies by for you and that you get everything done that you want to both work and home-wise. Oh, and your recliner sounds simply, well, amazing.

B said...

The cankles sound v sexy!! cant believe you are nearly there, its flown by...well for me anyway!