Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Thought I Was Done with the 2WW

My first 2ww in a long time is just about over. The post-ffn two week window will be closing tomorrow. Luckily I've got an OB appointment in the morning and I assume he'll do another ffn test, which will of course be negative once again and I'll get another 2 weeks of supposed relief. We also have an ultrasound on Monday. I invited my mom to come along and she is SO excited.

Despite the fact that my doctor and all the nurses swear by the reliability of the ffn, it really didn't stop me from worrying. I mean, why believe years and years of scientific research when you can just look inside yourself and freak the fuck out? Despite the mental anguish, I've been doing pretty well as far as contractions go. I do get more as the work days and weeks go on. Yesterday afternoon I was having them pretty much every time I stood up. Probably not the best sign. But I took the speed... uh, terb... and then spent the evening prone on the couch and was ok for the rest of the night. Holy reality marathon - American Id0l, Su.pernanny and then Project Run.way!

Best moment of AI, by the way? During one of the performances me thinking to myself, "Who is this girl?" and then Simon telling her that her biggest problem is her "massive lack of personality." YEEEOUCH! True though. Seriously.

I'm very interested to see what my doctor has to say tomorrow about me continuing to work. Even two weeks ago he was kind of frowny on the whole idea. I think I could be VERY easily convinced to give it up. Probably too easily, but honestly, why do this when I could be at home protecting the Wonder Twins. They're not expected to be at the Hall of Justice for nearly 3 more months, so whatever I can do to help them arrive on time, and not too early is a good thing. Nobody likes an overeager superhero anyway. I'm very lucky in that I would receive short term disability at 70% of my salary. Given the price of lunch in SF, it would be practically even! So we'll see how things go tomorrow. I've been trying to limit my work activity, but it's much harder than I imagined.

Each of the past two weeks I've been almost entirely contraction-free from Sunday to Wednesday, and then on both Wednesday afternoons I have started to get them. Yesterday's flurry was probably not so good. We'll see what today brings. I'm taking a PTO day tomorrow after my appointment. It should be restful, but for some reason I offered to have my mom, stepdad, and aunt and uncle over for dinner tomorrow night and my mom agreed! The aunt and uncle are visiting from New York, so it will be great to see them, but I'm not sure why this couldn't happen at a restaurant. Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!!

Ok - a couple other random things.

We finished their room last weekend. All I'm waiting for is the matching crib skirt to be shipped from Tar.get and I might try to make a little throw rug with this bit of extra faux fur I've got. We'll see if I get to that. But for now, we're done! (Bragging alert - I made the curtains. They are so freakin' cute. Yellow fleece with green polka dot ribbon tabs. The fleece is so soft and babyish! I heart them a lot. I only just learned how to sew, but I really like it.)

YES...those decals are the very same ones that Watson used. It's just a coincidence, I swear!! What you can't see is the changing table. It happened to be covered in debris from the decal application. I should go clean that up, huh?

As you may know, my boss and his wife are having twins as well - two boys for them. Firstly, she cried on the exam table when the ultrasound tech told them it was two boys. So sad. Apparently she's almost over it. She might want to hurry up that getting over it business because she's only a week behind me. Anyhoo... he'd shared some names with me. While not my particular taste, they were perfectly fine names. But then we went to lunch the other day and he said they were considering Trey and Troy. We had JUST the other day been laughing over a co-workers friend who is naming her twins Derrick and Erik. Fine names on their own, but...WHAT?????? So, I thought for sure he was fooling me with Trey and Troy. Little life lesson here. (One which I already knew, but clearly need refreshing on.) When people tell you the names they've chosen for their children you nod and smile. That's it. Do not say, "Ha! Yeah, right!" Because they might not be joking. So I tried (pathetically) to cover for myself by saying, "Well at least it's not as bad as Erik and Derrick." And he asks why. I respond that they're marginally better because they don't rhyme. He counters that they do in fact rhyme. Trey and Troy. He even said it several times to demonstrate their rhymingitude. So I tried to explain the difference between alliteration and rhyming. Sadly, it was lost on him. LUCKILY he mentioned the names to another co-worker and she outright told him they suck together. One of them is fine, but together? Ew. I think he's starting to get it. He might still think they rhyme, though.

Ok, one final note. I have a cousin who's about 10 years older than I am. His wife doesn't get along with his parents that well, so they tend to stay in LA for the most part, so I haven't really seen him much since I was in high school. He was at my wedding, but do you really talk to people at your wedding? It was such a blur. So, anyway, after several IVF cycles, they finally had a baby in November with a surrogate. I'd been remiss in my Congrats to him, so I just sent him an email saying how cute all the pics I've seen are and yay you guys and all that. He wrote back and I had to share what he said about parenthood because it's awesome:

"Parenthood is more amazing than I imagined. People talk about the work and responsibility of having a child and that's what always stuck with me...but it's this incredibly indulgent pleasure. I feel like I get way more out of it than I could possibly give. It's like waking up to a miracle every day."


Gemini Girl said...

I agree with your cousin. You really do get more than you give.
Before I knew I was pregnant with twins, I wondered if I were to have twins (from the two eggs they inserted) would I be able to love them both equally? And you know what- you will... you will love them equally, but in a different way. You have no idea how much love you have in your heart for those two little people. I would give my life.

Now,about worrying.. worrying will not help a situation. When I was laying in the hospital bed at 25 weeks, then at 28 week.... wondering if I would in fact deliever the girls early (which I did at 30 weeks)- I worried my ass off. My husband would always tell me- "why watse time worrying?- if it will happen, the worrying wont help it"- and you know what? he was right. You cant stop nature or life- no matter how much you worry. I am sure you will be fine and your two little ones will come out at the right time for them.

And about matching names- you should never give twins matching names! I cant believe your boss/ co worker are considering it! wach child is an individual, and they will be compared enough being twins. Thats why I dont dress my girls alike.

Sending you positive vibes!

Fertilized said...

First off- WTF??
"He counters that they do in fact rhyme" Really??

Ok moving on- Goo dluck to you tomorrow at your appointment - sending you very good vibes.

I love the nursery stuff SO STINKIN cute!

Leah said...

Rhymingitude. That's just funny.

I love the nursery!! You're soooo Martha Stewart with the home-sewn curtains. Quite the little Suzy Homemaker, you are. (Why am I talking like Yoda?)

Listen to your doctors. Stay off your feet. We are so close to 29 weeks and while that means great things for lung development and whatnot, getting to 34 would be loads better.

I think you should name your children Pat and Pat. Works for both sexes and then you don't have to worry about calling them by the wrong name. Clever, no? It certainly beats Lucy and Goosey. Or Lil and Phil. Or Mary and Gary. Or Terri and Harry. Or Carrie and Larry. Geez, I could clearly go on and on but that's just a waste of time on everyone's part. :-)

Carrie said...

I'm still laughing about your boss's choice of names. How can he possibly think they rhyme? That's so funny!
I knew someone with a girl called Loren and then a boy called Lorenz.
Not rhyming either but definitely nuts!
The nursery is looking lovely.

JJ said...

Nursery is lookin great!

Ms. Planner said...

"I tried to explain the difference between aliteration and rhyming.." Freaking classic. I would have been thinking, "this guy clearly cannot be my boss.." or something similar and snotty.

Great job on the curtains (very S&L) and your room is so cute. Thanks so much for sharing the pics.

Waiting Amy said...

The babies room is super cute.
Your boss is super dopey.

Hope your appointment goes well. I'd jump at the chance to ditch work and hang out! Who know when your life will be that quiet again!

Take care of yourself and those super heroes -- our country needs them!

Geohde said...

Totally superficial, but I'm loving that this year they're getting AI into my country the day after the US airs it, instead of a week after. Makes it easier to follow without too much spoiling,


Baby Step said...

That quote from your cousin made me misty eyed - I love it when guys pull stuff out like that and just amaze you. Yeah, Trey & Troy, that is hilarious that 1) he thinks they rhyme and 2) that he didn't get there could possibly be anything wrong with those names. My co-worked told me he wants to name his kids Tyler and Taylor - WHAT IS THE DEAL! Didn't these people watch 90210 with Brandon and Brenda? LAME. I love your baby's room - SO CUTE! I hope that doctor gives you some good news AND you should DEFINITELY stop working. Definitely.

Sticky Bun said...

Um...holy sh*t on the swelling! Put your feet up and take it easy when you can, sister!

And thanks for sharing your cousins quote. As I near this Friday (and am filled with a bit of terror), that really brought tears to my eyes.

Keep us posted on the ffn and the work decision!

thinking of you...