Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, I guess the issue of am I showing or not has been settled. Last night on the BART train an old man offered me his seat!! I didn’t take it since we were almost to my stop, but I have to say it felt pretty good. I definitely have popped out a bit over the last day or two after measuring at a mere 20 weeks at my OB appointment on Wednesday. (I’m 16w5d today.)

Speaking of that appointment, is it normal to have him just check the heartbeats, weigh me, check my blood pressure and that’s IT? I felt a little gypped. I mean, I didn’t even get to take my drawers off! What kind of doctor’s appointment is that?

I do have an ultrasound scheduled at the peri’s office next Wednesday, so that’s exciting. I’m really hoping to find out what flavor they are. I don’t care, of course, but I am SO curious! Plus I can’t get enough of just watching them bounce around in there. We had a friend suggest that if we can’t obviously see the gender, to have the tech write it down on a piece of paper and then go out to dinner that night and open it then in a less clinical environment. I kind of love that idea, so I’m hoping it will work out that way.

Or maybe we’ll open it in our new living room by the fire! We move in tomorrow and I’m so psyched. I hope I don’t actually hate the place upon seeing it again. I know the kitchen is circa Three’s Company and that those brassy, mirrored closet doors will still abound, but I’m hoping that once we get our beautiful crapola in there it will look more like home. I’m thinking about hanging fabric on the walls, either just tacking it up, using a strip of wood across the top or by doing the starch method. Anyone have any experience with either method? We can’t paint, but I need to have some color in there somehow.

Ok, so there have been a couple requests for clarification about just what I meant by my stepsister sticking her fingers up my business. What I meant was, she took her fingers and jammed them up my lady parts. She got to 3rd base. I don’t know if she was pretending to BE a doctor or pretending to PLAY doctor, but either way the forcefield was broken. She was all up inside my grill. Hope that helps clear things up! Next year I’ll be sure to wear a cup.

Happy weekend!


butterflyanla said...

Congrats on the move! you can also buy removable wallpaper and borders at home depot and lowes.

Fertilize Me said...

GOod Luck with the move. Congrats on "popping". I still think the sister totally crossed THAT line.

Carrie said...

Must be nice to be offered a seat!

And the SIL, well that's just weird. There is no reason for her to do that! I'd be a little afraid!

Geohde said...

Eyeballs popping at the thought of a family member doing *that*!


Heather said...

Congrats on "showing", I used to be a window decorator at Macy's and a good trick for covering the walls with fabric is to actually use thin pieces of plywood, cover them in dacron (batting) and then wrap the fabric around the wood and staple it to the back, then just screw the wood to the wall. It won't damage the apartment walls and it will look cool. Good luck!

Waiting Amy said...

Good luck on making the new place "home." And can't wait to hear about the twins.

As for the SIL -- I am so sorry! That is simply disturbing!

Courtney said...

Let's hope that no one of blood relation or otherwise does that to your business again!!!

Baby Step said...

Your SIL is a freak. I have never heard such a thing - that is just plain WEIRD. EWWWWW!!! LOL on the cup comment.

Sorry, can't be of help with your questions about doctors visits or decorating!!!

Ms. Planner said...

Wow. So you are from THAT kind of family. ;)

Totally freaking inappropriate.

Our friends had the tech write the gender on a piece of paper and opened it on Christmas morning. Can't wait to hear what flavors they are, too.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Okay that's weird. I would be freaked out. Congrats on the move!

angeldog said...
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