Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Be my Richard Simmons

Well, as I said, I got the all clear to exercise. I could very well ignore it and just let this flabby bonus stomach make itself comfortable. OR, I could do a little bit day by day and hope that I'm back in regular pants soon.

(I did wear a pair of my regular jeans yesterday, but it was practically indecent.)

Anyway, I'd love to use this as a place to chronicle any and all exercise I do. I think the accountability is a good motivator. A while back I added a running ticker, but I'm not sure I have the time or fortitude to be that ambitious. For now I'll just post about whatever I do, and any subsequent weight loss. I ended up gaining nearly 80 pounds with these lil suckers and I'm about 15 lbs away from my starting weight (which was too much!) So, encouragement is very welcome! And that includes pointing out if you see that I haven't done anything in a while.

So, since I got the go ahead, I have:

Gone to the driving range
Played tennis
Taken a few vigorous walks
Gone swimming
Had sex!

I look forward to you people telling me to keep at it! Especially that last one...heh heh.


Stacemoe said...

Way to go!!! Keep up the exercising!!! And I am with you...I think a bunch of sex should do the trick to take off the last 15!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Meghan said...

Very impressive!! I'm amazed you find the time, I manage to find excuses and I don't have twins!

(and sex burns calories and is good for the core so keep at it!!)

Baby Step said...

Exercise is so great. I always forget until after I have dragged myself to the gym, the pool, for a run, or a bike ride. I feel SO MUCH better afterwards. But then the next day I have amnesia and forget how great it feels to be done with a workout. My biggest challenge is not eating like a pig. Last night I was at a softball BBQ and I ate a hotdog, potato salad, a million chips with guac, and a piece of cake. OMG.

Good for you! Only 15pounds to go, it will come off in no time.

Maren said...

Impressive list! I've been trying to exercise, but it seems I'm always holding a baby, doing laundry,eating or sleeping...

Fertilized said...

I am sure my husband would encourage more of the last listed form of exercise and i bet your husband was thrilled also!

Go you - twins AND you wore "before" jeans ... impressive woman!

Heather said...

Lots of luck!!! I know I need to make more time for exercise.

Watson said...

GAWD your posts depress me. (Not that it's all about ME or anything!)

But seriously, exercising -- already?!? At your stage post-twins I was barely functioning, but if crying burned calories I'd have been one skinny MF'er months ago!

Congrats on making it through the in laws' visit, I feel your pain on that one.

And when I come to visit, which will be soon, we should go for a walk because although I loathe such vigorous activity, I want to support you on your fitness plan! (But no, I will not be wearing my Dolphin shorts and a tank top. Good Lord.)


Ms. Planner said...

OMG you are a star. Twins AND you fit into your pre-baby jeans. My hero!

I am SO with you on the exercise part and will champion you on, as long as you do the same for me. I am starting back to yoga next week and running. Wishing me luck!

edie & ella said...

It sure doesn't sound like you need a Richard Simmons -- what with all the crazy activity that I have no idea how you have found time to fit into your busy schedule......... if possible could you resend that email about where you are etc.... my husband read it on his iphone and I am unable to retrieve it. What a pain I know -- sam

Rebecca said...

I think you're doing great! I just don't understand why the last one was in the smallest font...I think that's a pretty big accomplishment! Keep it up!!!