Monday, February 11, 2008

Woo to the Sugar Lovin' Hoo

I passed my glucose test "with flying colors," according to the nurse. Phew. I'm not a total sugar fiend, but over the weekend I did start to think about all the tasty things I'd miss. Like peanut butter cup ice cream. And chocolate chip ice cream. And m00se tracks ice cream... Ok, so anyway, it's a good thing.

We had a great weekend; well I did, anyway. W had to work on Saturday and then fly to Toronto on Sunday for work. But Bella and I took advantage of the great weather to go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine. I also ran a bajillion unnecessary errands because I wanted to drive the new car. I felt a little bad about wasting the gas, but I couldn't help myself. I'm chalking it up to learning the car, which actually isn't a bad idea, because it is a helluva lot bigger than our GTI. I found this crib bedding at Targ3t. It's really cute in person and the sheets are supersoft. It's been hard to find truly unisex bedding, so I was psyched to find this - and on sale even!

Luckily in W's scarce downtime we were able to go meet Watson, Be-Bop and their twins! Ok - babies first... They are so sweet! I don't know if she drugged them or what, but they were downright perfect while we were there. Of course that's always how it goes, right? I got to hold Parker and she's the pink-cheekiest lil lady I ever did see. As BeBop pointed out, Jax really looks like a boy and she about screams GRRRL! Even though just like her brother, she does burp like a frat boy. It's impressive, let me tell you.

Watson and BeBop are just so nice. We loved getting to know them. They had a whole pile of hand-me-downs for us including clothes, bf supplies and a huge shopping bag full of tiny diapers. It was so great. It's hard to believe that P & J are so big that they're growing out of stuff already! They (uh...not the babies) were both able to give us lots of advice, answering questions that W and I would never even have known to ask. I'm sure we'll be going back for more info from them very soon.

Two days til my ultrasound. I feel like it's been a long time since the last one - probably because they didn't give us any pictures. I'll be sure to be demanding them this time around. The babies seem good. They're kicking away like nobody's business. When W is around, I feel like I should tell him when they're kicking so he can feel it, so I have to admit I'm a little excited that he's gone for the next 2 nights so I can have them all to myself. Sorry honey!


Ms. Planner said...

You make me want to plan a trip to San Fran just so I can meet you & Watson in person!

That bedding is adorable. I just bought a nursery design book from Serena & Lily (in your neck of the woods). It arrived yesterday and now I am so stoked to get going on it.

Congrats on passing your glucose test!

Susan said...

I'm glad you're having a good time. That is great that you got to meet Watson and her family. I read her blog and she seems like a great person. I'm glad she and her husband can give you advice on twins. I like the bedding!! I second the demand for pictures.

Watson said...


(Thank GAWD that baby Tylenol we snuck them minutes before you arrived worked.)

Just kidding!

Of course I have yet to update my blog about the wonderful visit, your babies will probably be here by the time I get to it.

Good luck on the U/S and as always, call or e-mail with any questions!

XOXO, Watson

And Ms. Planner, you are welcome to come ANYTIME! And not to name drop (which of course means I am about to...) I used to be friends with the 'Lily' of Serena and Lily!!

Courtney said...

Congratulations on passing your glucose test! That has to be a nice weight off the shoulders. :) And what cute bedding you have picked out!

Good luck tomorrow at your appointment!!!