Friday, October 12, 2007

You Just Never Know Who Else is in the Club

You’ll never guess what I overheard my new boss ordering over the phone…

PIO for his wife! Well, all I heard was, “I need to order more progesterone for my wife. She likes it in the peanut oil…” That was enough for me! And the fact that he said “more” I wonder if she’s pregnant now?

I am so tempted to talk to him about it, but then I might have to give up my supersecretstealth pg status. I guess that will have to happen very soon, anyway since I’m planning a company event at the local tequila bar. We’ll be doing margarita lessons. Break my heart, why don’t you? I may need to have a teeny sip.

Anyway, about the job…it’s going really well! I even got email from my boss saying that I’m doing a fabulous job. Woo hoo! I am super busy without being overworked, and never get to read blogs anymore. Makes me sad, but I guess in the long run, I’d rather be challenged at work than stalking the interwebs all day. And the weekend’s a’comin’ so I’ll be reading like a fiend to catch up.

As for pg-ness... I was feeling pretty gross for a while, and like Leah, reveling in every nasty bit of it. But on Wednesday, I stupidly went to my acupuncturist who had the unmitigated gall to fix me! Since I saw her I’ve had almost NO symptoms. I refuse to worry about it; instead I’ll chalk it up to her misguided intention to prevent me from wonder twin-induced misery. Silly silly girl.

We’re still out of our heads with glee(k! Get it?) over the WT’s. Every time one of us says, “when the babies come…” we look at each other and go, “Babies?!?!?” We go back and forth about moving. The main issue with our apartment is, well, aside from its relative teeniness, is that it’s a 3rd floor walk-up with no real storage on the ground floor for strollers/etc. My thought right now is to suck it up and stay there as long as we can stand it. Hauling my ass up and down the stairs will definitely help get rid of the baby weight, and we’ll be saving major money and be able to buy a nicer place in a year or so when the babies...BABIES!?! take up more space. If we were to buy, our monthly housing expense would pretty much double. Of course, in just a few months time, just getting myself up and down the stairs may prove to be too much, so we might end up just renting a bigger, lower place. I hate to give up my top floor-ness, though. It’s no penthouse, but it’s so nice having no one above us. Although on the other hand, if we were on the ground floor I wouldn’t feel so bad about playing DDR at night. Hmm… so much to consider!


Sarah said...

oh my god i could soooooo go for a margarita right now! good luck with the moving decision.

Fertilize Me said...

ineed a tequilla shot or 3 right about now - I am glad things are going well for you * and it's excited to hear of others in your shoes (especially supervisors/bosses)

Geohde said...

Although I am obviously not preggers (sigh), I had the fun negotiation with the pharmasist IN THE MIDDLE of the pharmacy about how much prog I need.

SHe pointed out it was 60$ for 3 days and then asked how long I needed it for.

Lady, if we both knew the answer, wouldn't that be lovely.

SHe asked if 3 days worth was enough. Um, no. A luteal phase is two weeks. This is questions coming from a pharmacist who ONLY WORKS at an IVF clinic pharmacy.


Baby Step said...

Go Wonder Twins! You are too funny for complaining that your acupuncturist got rid of your m/s. LOL. I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut if I heard my boss ordering PIO.

Courtney said...

It sounds like your acupuncturist is a miracle worker! Glad to hear the job is going so well.

Sticky Bun said...

First, so crazy that your boss was ordering PIO! You never know, I guess, huh?

I'm glad things are going well--and it's so exciting that you have to think about moving, etc. Wonderful decisions to have to make. :-)

Ms. Planner said...

Your boss is a sperm palace jester? Right on!

I have no symptoms either today and it is driving me insane with worry. I go to acu 1x per week so maybe that is it.

Your posts are always so funny. Good luck with your move decision. Maybe you can install a dumbwaiter to haul up the diapers. Oh, wait, I forgot you were going to be one of the uber hip SF families using cloth diapers. On twins. Ha!

Suzy said...

glad all is going well!

chicklet said...

You should go back to the accupuncturist and ask them to un-fix you:-)

Stacie said...

Congrats on doing so well at work!

Complaing about no m/s is exactly how I was! I wanted that reassurance to help me get through those first months. You have been blessed to be without it, though, so enjoy!